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And Don't forget to have a look at a number of pages we have designed to help you get the most out of your travels around Australia. They include Places to visit in Australia, the Must see hidden destinations, the popular Things to do in Australia page and landmarks & sights page.

We also have some great fact pages for you. Make sure to have a look at interesting facts about Australia to find out some great information about Australia. And there is also the facts about kangaroos, facts about Uluru / Ayers Rock and the facts about the Great Barrier Reef is a must see page for those who want to scuba dive on the reef. is a 100% free website for you to use. It is perfect for people looking to holiday or travel around Australia, who are looking for work, find information about various states, territories, cities, and various topics related to travelling around Australia. So, go on, explore the site, it is full of useful information, tools, photos, and so much more!

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