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Are you thinking of visiting Adelaide? Do you have questions or need some answers? Then come and discover all you need to know right now!

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It doesn't matter if you're looking for a backpackers guide to Adelaide, or if you're a local looking for something new, I have got it covered here.

Adelaide - the city of churches
One of the many churches
found in & around the city

Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, is home to an approximate 1.2 million people. A total 1.6 million people live in South Australia, meaning about 75% of all South Australians live in Adelaide.

It is not surprising that most people live in Adelaide, which like all Australian capital cities is located on the coast, when you consider it is the capital city of the driest state of the driest continent in the world (Antarctica excluded). With so little water, people want to live close to the ocean!

Adelaide city centre is laid out in an organised grid layout, intersected with many wide boulevards and large public squares. It is also entirely surrounded by parkland. Adelaide is often referred to as the "City of Churches" due to its religious freedom in the early days. These factors, plus others, has often pushed Adelaide into the top 10 of various "Most liveable city in the world" indexes and awards. In fact, Adelaide has been ranked the most liveable city in Australia by the Property Council of Australia in 2011 and again in 2012.

There are many reasons people decide to visit Adelaide including:

  • Attending the international sporting events
  • Using it as a stopover on their way to Uluru (Ayers Rock)
  • The many events & festivals
  • Soaking up the local food, wine, and cultural aspects
  • The hot weather, long beachfronts, surfing, and diving spots
  • Making it a base from which to explore Outback Australia
  • Studying at one of the 6 Australian and International universities
  • And much much...

Adelaide is a cultural treat. Over the year there are 17 major festivals held in Adelaide, ranging from food and wine, comedy, arts and culture, and much more.

Adelaide city centre gearing up for a festival
Adelaide city getting ready for a festival

The most famous is the Adelaide Fringe Festival, which is the largest arts festival in the Southern Hemisphere, running in February and March for 24 days and with over 4,000 artists from Australia and from around the world. At the same time the WOMADelaide Festival runs for 4 days in early march, and showcases local and international music, arts, and dance.

There is also the annual Schützenfest, a German festival with many festivities involving German food, beverages, dances, music, a shooting competition, and lots of beer drinking! Official website:

For a list of all the major festivals in Adelaide, visit the Wikipedia page by clicking here.

So go on, come visit Adelaide, enjoy the parklands, enjoy the food and culture, drink some of the world's best red wines from the Barossa valley, use it to explore central Outback Australia, laze in the sun on one of the many beaches, or explore some of the local snorkelling and scuba diving areas, you won't be disappointed!

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