How to get to Brisbane

Are you thinking of going to Brisbane? Don't know how to get there or how far it is? Then discover what you can do on your drive to this city!

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It doesn't matter if you will be using public transport of some sort (a train or bus), catching a plane, or driving, to Brisbane, I can help you out!

Driving to Brisbane

A beach on Fraser Island
If driving from the north stop at Fraser
Island! Follow the link for the full high
quality Fraser Island image

You will most likely be driving either from Sydney (New South Wales) or from one of the many cities or that dot the coast to the north.

If you are driving from Sydney it will take you a whole day, as it is 921 kms away when driving the most direct route. There are many little scenic route detours you can take that will go through nation parks, the beach and other such natural wonders.

This will turn the one day trip into a two day trip, but I highly recommend it. Many people use the city of Coffs Harbour as their overnight stopover. And don't forget to stop at Byron Bay, just 2.5 hours south of Brisbane.

If you're coming from the north, it could take anywhere from one hour (if you're coming from the Sunshine Coast) to 2 full days or more (Cairns is 1,708 kms) away. You could even be coming from Darwin (the Northern Territory) which is a massive 3,423 kms away.

If you don't have your own transport, you have to make a decision. Will you take a camper van or take a rental car?

To find out the best way to rent a car or camper van in Australia (and there are some tricks to it!), check out the Getting around Australia - cars & camper vans page now!

Public Transport to Brisbane.

You can catch one of the many bus or train services to Brisbane from virtually anywhere in Australia! Check out the Getting around Australia - public transport page now to search ALL the public transport networks right across the country!

Flying to Brisbane.

If you fly to Brisbane, getting into the city is a breeze as the airport is 13 kms from the city centre. From the airport you can either catch one of the many regular bus or train services into the city, or catch a taxi (or even have someone pick you up if you have friends close by).

Have a look at the Getting around Australia - flights page to compare all airline providers right across the country!

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