Your complete guide to Brisbane

Are you thinking of visiting Brisbane? Do you have questions or need some answers? Then come and discover all you need to know right now!

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It doesn't matter if you are a local looking for something exciting and new, or a backpacker looking for a guide of what to see and do, I have got it covered here.

Beautiful Brisbane cityscape at night time.
Brisbane's gorgeous cityscape at
night time from over the river!

It is the capital city of Queensland, has an approximate population of 2.1 million people, making it the third largest city in Australia, behind only Sydney and Melbourne. In total 4.6 million people live in Queensland, meaning about 45% of all people live in BrisVegas (another name for the city).

When people think of capital cities of Australia, most people instantly think of Sydney. However, no-one should underestimate the attractions and lifestyles of this city. It feels less busy than Sydney and Melbourne yet it is still large enough to feel like a major urban centre.

The city is filled with many beautiful gardens and other attractions. The Brisbane River runs right through the city, creating many stunning views, board walks and running tracks.

If you're young and like to party, the nightlife is vibrant and fun, and well let's face it... the prospect of wearing shorts and a t-shirt to the pub almost every day of the year is pretty appealing to most people.

  • Some of the reasons that people decide to visit include:
  • The pleasant & warm weather all year round
  • Using it as a base to explore Queensland's natural wonders
  • Studying at university
  • Access to the many great theme parks (only a 45 minute drive away)
  • Exploring both the Sunshine & Gold Coast (both a 1 hour drive away)
  • Go to Moreton or Stradbroke Island
  • And much more...

The city centre, like Melbourne, is laid out in a grid, making getting around the city centre and inner city suburbs very easy. It has a great suburban train and bus system which is really easy to use. Many of the inner city suburb attractions are all within easy walking distance, making the need for public transport non-existent.

There is also the inner-city "CityCat" ferry services that takes you from one side of the river to the next, a novel mode of transport for those who don't come from a city with a major river running through it.

And one must not forget that Australia it is one of the most multi cultural countries anywhere in the world. If you like a variety of food and cultures, you'll love what Brisbane has on offer in the ways of international food, festivals, events, music, and more!

Brisbane over the city by day
Brisbane city from over the river
viewed from South Bank!

It is hard to define one things that makes it such a appealing city. With its gorgeous weather, its multi cultural aspects, the vast number of natural and man-made wonders and attractions all within an easy car drive, the beautiful river as it winds its way through the city centre, the beautiful parklands, and many other attractions, it is easy to see why people fall in love with this city.

Many backpackers enjoy it for other reasons, such as its vibrant night life, it is relaxed pace, the bohemian feel of some of its suburbs, great live music, concerts, and events, relaxing in the local parks & gardens, and many other reasons. If you want to know what they are, you'll just have to come and see for yourself!

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