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It doesn't matter if you're looking for a backpackers guide, if you are a tourist visiting for just a couple of days, or if you're a local looking for something new, I have got it covered here!

Darwin, the capital city of the Northern Territory, is home to an approximate population of 128,000 people, making it the smallest capital city in Australia. In total, approximately 230,000 people live in the Northern Territory, meaning about 55% of all people live in Darwin.

When people think of capital cities of Australia, they generally think of Sydney or Melbourne. However, Darwin is often referred to as the backpacker capital of Australia and is a major magnet for backpackers from all over the world.

Darwin is a tropical city with hot weather all year round, and has a wet and a dry season. The wet season is typically from October to April and has high humidity levels (although October and November generally only experience a little rain). The rest of the year it is just glorious sunshine. Virtually every day of the year is 30 - 34°C, and the lowest temperature is about 18°C at night during the dry season.

Every hostel has at least one pool which people use all year long. The local scenery is a vast fusion of tropical plants and exotic tropical creatures including green tree frogs, lizards & geckos, tropical birds, and the occasional python (although pythons they are very rare in urban areas). If your idea of a good time is lazing in a pool surround by tropical plants on a 30+°C day, Darwin if for you!

Some of the reasons that people decide to visit Darwin include:

  • Just enjoying the sunshine all year long
  • Going on a crocodile boat tour
  • Working on one of the many pearl farms
  • Visiting Kakadu, a world renowned national park
  • Partying with all the other backpackers
  • Exploring the real "Outback Australia"
  • And much more...

The fresh water crocodile of Australia
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The city centre itself is quite small, although considering the small population of Darwin, the rest of the city is very spread out. The city centre is dotted with many pubs, clubs, and outdoor bars. Every night of the week is a party - Darwin truly is a backpacker party destination.

There are many local attractions that keep the visitor busy, and during the dry months people swim in the local beaches. Unfortunately, during the wet season you cannot swim due to jellyfish, sharks, and crocodiles. The Mindil Markets are famous in Darwin for a good chance to try some local cuisine (buffalo burgers, kangaroo steaks, crocodile, and emu, just to name a few) at a bargain price.

Darwin has been rebuilt twice (once after bombing raids in World War II, and again after cyclone Tracy wiped the city out in 1974) making it one of the most modern cities of Australia. It is filled with hostels and hotels and has many tourist attractions as the city is a popular holiday destination with both Australians and international visitors.

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