How to find work in Darwin

Are you looking for work in Darwin? Have no idea what the labour market is like? Then come & discover all you need to know right now!

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Note: If you looking for work in regional parts of the Northern Territory, and not in Darwin, please visit the Find work in the Northern Territory page.

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If you are not an Australian citizen you must have a visa that allows you to work. If you want to backpack around Australia, go to the work and travel Australia page for more details. However, if you are an international student or are looking for a sponsored / professional worker visa, please check out the Australian Visas page.

Darwin is not a large city. This places some restrictions on the number of jobs available. There are not as many companies operating out of the city when compared to other capital cities, resulting in a lower number, and diversity, of the jobs available.

However, due to its remote location, many companies are finding it hard to fill the positions that they have. And this is good news for all you job seekers! Even if you only have very limited skills, it is generally easy to find work in and around Darwin.

There is also some primary industries that either operate out of the city, or are based close by. For example, during certain parts of the year there is a lot of fruit picking work located within an easy drive of the city centre (for example, at Humpty Doo). Paspayley Pearls also operate out of the city and many pearl farm workers fly from Darwin to work for two weeks on a pearl boat before flying back for one weeks rest. Check out the Pearling & pearl farm work and Fruit picking & harvest work in the Northern Territory pages for more details.

During the dry season the city is flooded with tourists and backpackers. This can make it harder to find work, especially in the hospitality industry. With fewer hospitality businesses and a much higher percentage of backpackers than other capital cities, most jobs are filled very quickly. This not only applies to the hospitality industry, but most industries.

During the wet season businesses in Darwin are virtually begging for workers. Not only do the tourists leave, but so do many Australians who live in Darwin during the dry season. This means that generally it should be very easy to find work over the wet season.

Best ways of finding work

There are numerous ways to find work apart from using a search engine. Below I will go over some of the more common and give you the links and resources where needed. These methods will work in all major cities across Australia.

Backpackers and Hostels

There are four main things you can do to try to find work at hostels.

  1. Look at the notice board/s. You can often find casual and part time jobs advertised.
  2. Ask at reception if they know of anything. Sometimes you can even find work in the hostel itself.
  3. Ask other people staying in the hostel, it is amazing how many people will know of a job or an opportunity.
  4. Don't limit yourself to one hostel, spend the whole day going to as many hostels as you can.

Recruitment Agencies & online job listings

Have a look at some local recruitment agencies. I have compiled a selection of the best recruiters right across the nation, along with user reviews, star ratings, search, listings by their speciality, a direction finder and more.

When using a recruitment or employment agency, you may be required to come into their office and attend an interview or do some kind of aptitude testing depending on the agency and the kind of work you are interested in. Some of the website will also have job listings for you to look at which you can apply for straight away.

Hospitality Jobs

If you are interested in something like bar work, waiting tables, dish washing, kitchen hand work, cooking/chef, it is now time for you to get pro-active!

Some things to note:
  1. Many of these types of jobs will not be advertised online or with recruitment companies.
  2. The best way to find these jobs is to simply walk into the business and ask if they have any work.
  3. Take copies of your resume with you in case the business owner asks for one.
  4. If you get a good impression make sure you get a contact phone number. If you haven't heard anything back within a week, call them back.
  5. DO NOT go in during the middle of a busy period like the breakfast, lunch, or dinner service.
  6. If they do not have any work, ask them if they know of any other business that do. Australian's are very friendly and if they know of job somewhere else they will happily tell you about it.
  7. Most people can find a job in one day by following these steps!

Other options

You can Check out the Backpacker jobs in Australia page for some extra ideas.

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