Let’s hope there are no crocs in this lake near Cairns!

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Cairns, Queensland


This is a German backpacker friend of ours relaxing at a lake near Cairns (20 minute bus trip away). She came to Oz on a Working Holiday in Australia visa, and fell in love with the country.

However, when she showed us this picture and we questioned her if she asked any of the locals if there were crocodiles in there, she replied “well, my friend and I we asked, but they didn’t know”. And this was in December, right in the middle of croc season!

In northern Australia where crocodiles are known to be, you should never go swimming unless you know for sure that there are no crocs! Almost every year there is at least on croc death in Australia, and more often than not the victim is an international visitor. Our friend said that other people were swimming as well, but that doesn’t really mean anything – if they were also other backpackers with no knowledge on the matter it could have turned into a tragic day. Luckily everyone survived!

A German backpacker swimming at a lake near Cairns

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