Flags away – The flag pole at Parliament House

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Canberra, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).


This flagpole in Canberra (on top of the new Parliament House) is a whopping 81 metres tall and weighs a mighty 220 tonnes – now that’s pretty impressive! It’s made from Australian stainless steel, and is one of the largest stainless steel structures anywhere in the world.

The flag is flow 24 / 7 and at night time this sculpture is lit by flood lamps. The flag itself is massive, measuring 12.8 metres by 6.4 metres. To put that into perspective that’s about the size of half a tennis court! And it would have to be to have any hope of being seen when it’s 88 meters high (plus the height of the building it sits on top of).

When the new Parliament House was opened in 1988 it was the most expensive building ever constructed, and you can see why when you start adding features like this!

Abstract photo of the flag pole at Parliament House, taken from underneath with the sun in the backg

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