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Adelaide River, Darwin, Northern Territory


I snapped this shot while on a crocodile river cruise on the Adelaide river, just outside of Darwin on my crappy 3mp camera back in 2007 – no bad eh?!? It helps when he was only 1.5 meter away.

There are a variety of cruises for tourist, the biggest the “Jumping Crocodile Tour”. We were going to take that, but got lost and ended up at some other smaller tour company. And glad we did – it was very personal, not too many people on the (small) boat, perhaps 20 – 25. It was a great 3 hours where we saw many crocodiles up VERY close!

It was a great tour. About half the people on it were interstate Australian visitors, and the other half made up of tourists and backpackers here on Working Holiday in Australia visas.

An up close photo of a crocodiles head in side-on-profile.

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