Star light, star bright – Outback Australia magic

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Outback Australia, the Northern Territory


Taken by a friend who was on an organised bus tour from Adelaide, South Australia to Uluru. At night they camped, in swags, out under the stars.

She snapped this picture in the dying minutes of dusk. Two minutes earlier or later this photo wouldn’t have worked anywhere near as good. In the foreground you can see two backpacker buddies here on Work and Travel Australia holiday, and the feature of photo is an impressive sized gum (considering the arid conditions of the outback).

On a note to those who don’t know, you should never camp under gum trees, even in caravans. See those big dead branches... they can come crashing down anytime, and unfortunately, they too often cause fatalities.

Silhouette of a gumtree in outback Australia with moon and stars in the sky.

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