Rainbow Beach, one of the hidden beaches of Australia

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Rainbow Beach, Queensland


Rainbow Beach is one of the best hidden beaches in Australia. Whilst growing in popularity with backpackers travelling Oz on a Working Holiday in Australia visa (the township only has 2 backpacker hostels), it is virtually unknown to most Australians unless they live in or around the area.

It’s surprising, as Rainbow Beach is one of the two main ways you can get onto Fraser Island, the other being the larger and better known Harvey Bay. What makes it even more surprising is that the beaches in this town are simply gorgeous. They stretch virtually unbroken for miles in both directions. And to top it off, just behind the township are some absolutely massive and stunning sand dunes providing a perfect view of the surrounding landscapes.

It is a must see destination for those who love to spend a bit of time off the popular tourist tracks of the East Coast of Australia.

The walkway down to the main beach at Rainbow Beach, Queensland.

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