The main beach at... Rainbow Beach

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Rainbow Beach, Queensland


We think this is one of the best ‘unknown’ beaches in Australia. We say unknown as most Australians have never heard of it, and neither have many backpackers. Although when we were there we did meet many backpackers travelling on a Working Holiday in Australia visa and many Australians as well, when you ask people in other parts of the country if they have ever heard of it, most say no.

We cannot speak highly enough of this place, we simply loved it. The beach is pristine with great sized waves (unless you are an avid surfer) that are perfect for body and boogy board surfing. If you enjoy getting of the “tourist trail” then this is a must stop destination. And the best thing is that you can jump straight on a ferry and head over to Fraser Island from here as well!

The main beach at Rainbow Beach, Queensland.

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