The deadly Australian Tiger snake

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Beaufort, Victoria


This creature makes it into the top 10 of the most venomous snake in the world (in fact, Australia has 7 of the top 10), and is non other than the Australian Tiger snake.

This stunning photo was taken by a retired professional photographer. He held the snake in one hand (while wearing a long sleeved leather glove) while taking photos of it with the other hand.

The background colour is simply dried summer grass, and because of the extreme close up focal length of this photo you cannot see any texturing or details.

The tiger snake by nature is one of the more aggressive Australian snakes (but generally will steer clear of you if you steer clear of it), but is not called a Tiger snake because of this, but rather that often times it has bands of black and orange/gold similar to a Tiger.

Close up photo of the head of the Australian Tiger snake

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