Backpacker & working holiday jobs

Are you a backpacker or traveller looking for some work? Discover what are the most popular jobs that working holiday makers and backpackers do while abroad AND how to get one!

There are many jobs for backpackers and travellers. The best thing about looking for working holiday jobs is that there are so many exciting options open to you.

Backpacker and working holiday jobs in Australia
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Backpacker jobs in Australia

There are many jobs for backpackers and travellers in Australia. The best thing about looking for working holiday jobs is that there are so many exciting options open to you.

Apart from the obvious backpacker jobs you can do (such as working on a farm, dishwashing, being a waiter or waitress, telemarketing, etc) there are some other really great working holiday jobs in Australia.

Some are exotic, and others not so exotic. But whatever your choice, you are sure to meet a bunch of other great people to share your adventures with!

If you want to find out more about backpacker, traveller and working holiday jobs in Australia keep reading!

Backpacker jobs board

Here is a small sample of some of the jobs that backpackers do in Australia. But if you don't find something that suits you, make sure you check out each individual page listed below this board.

Each page lists more jobs specific to it's topic. So, if you're interested in island resort jobs have a look at its page, and you'll find a jobs board filled with island resort jobs.

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First things first, the visa requirements...

If you are not an Australian citizen, you must have a valid visa if you want to work in Australia. If you need more details about the visa have a look at the Working Holiday Visa for Australia page. It has all the information you will need to get your adventure started.

But if you have that all sorted out and just want some information on backpacker and traveller jobs in Australia, keep reading.

Fruit picking jobs in Australia

Picking grapes
Picking grapes at a vineyard.
Hard work, easy money!

It may not be the most glamorous work out there, but fruit picking is one of the most popular jobs for travellers. Many backpackers, when looking for working holiday jobs in Australia, opt for this.

You can find fruit picking jobs all over Australia all year long, making it perfect for backpackers and travellers on the move.

To find out more, go to the Fruit picking work in Australia page.

Island resort jobs in Australia

Hamilton Island Resort, Queensland
If you get a job working on a holiday resort
this could be the view from your bedroom!

Everyone has had the dream of working on a tropical island at some stage; basking in the sun, swimming, snorkelling, and surrounded by pristine white beaches.

While it all sounds good in theory, there are normally some pro' and cons to these kinds of positions that you should carefully consider before you apply for an Island Job.

To find out more, go to the Island & resort jobs in Australia page.

Pearling jobs in Australia

Paspaley Pearl boat
Working on a pearl farm will show you parts
of Australia most people never get to see.

Pearling jobs involve working on a pearl farm in some capacity, possibly as a deck hands, pearl cleaner, cook, kitchen hand, cleaner, mechanics, engineers coxswain or something else.

They often involve living on a boat for two weeks at a time. It is hard work, but you can't spend your money so you can save a lot of cash for the next stage of your travels

It is a great experience that I recommend you should try. To find out more go to the Pearl farm work in Australia page.

Medical Research & Clinical Trials in Australia

A man getting his blood pressure tested
Making lots of money just laying in bed!

Some travellers opt for this option to make some quick and easy money. Some trials pay over $5,000. Sounds dangerous, but is it really???

Australia is one of the worlds top medical research countries, with a vast array of new inventions, drugs, and vaccines to their name. All medical and clinical trials are done to the highest of levels of safety for participants.

To find out more go to the Clinical Trials Australia page.

Cruise Ship work

A cruise ship near a beach
Work on a cruise ship & see the world!

Another great way to make money and to see the world at the same time is working on a cruise ship.

Because they are virtually floating cities you should be able to find a job whatever your skills are. They need workers from cleaners to captains.

But it is hard to find out how to get a cruise ship job, there are some tips and tricks you should know if you are serious about working on a cruise ship.

To find out more go to the Jobs & working on a cruise ship page.

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