Jobs and working on a cruise ship

Have you ever dreamt about working on a cruise ship and seeing the world But not sure if it is right for you or do not know how to get a job on a cruise ship? Then keep reading to discover all you need to know about jobs and working on a cruise ship!

Cruise ship jobs
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Many backpackers, travellers and people with a desire to see the world have dreamt of working on a cruise ship. Unfortunately many people don't take it any further than daydreams.

For whatever reason they don't find out more information and just tell themselves that they could never get a job on a cruise ship. How wrong they are!

Don't be one of those people, keep reading and make an informed decision about if working on a cruise ship is for you.

You never know, your next job could be a dream come true. As they say, the world is your oyster, all you have to do is take a chance!

Cruise ships are like floating cities, and they hire workers with all kinds of skills, from cleaners right up to master captains - there is likely to be a position available to suit your skill set.

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Introduction to cruise ship work

Cruise ships operate out of all major tourist destinations, and they cater to a large range of age groups and cultures. You can find cruises specifically for older people, for young families, adventure seekers, party makers and just about any other group you can imagine.

Because of this cruise ships need to hire an extraordinarily diverse range of staff. Cruises that cater for young families need to have a large number of child care staff, cruises for older people hire aged cared attendants, and all cruises have to hire cleaners, bar staff, cooks, entertainers, fitness instructors, translators, coxswains, and a large range of other positions.

Working on a cruise ship provides fabulous opportunities to save money, travel the world and meet people from many different cultures.

Cruise ship jobs board

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Here you can find all the best cruise ship jobs advertised in Australia. Be sure to check them out, I hope you find a really cool job. But if not, keep reading below for even more ideas on how to find cruise ship work.

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Working on a cruise ship isn't the right choice for everyone. It often involves long days (up to 12 hours on some ships for certain positions) and often require you to commit to a minimum 3 or 6 month contract.

You'll be away for extended periods of time, which isn't good if you have family or relationship commitments. However, if you are single it is a perfect way to see the world and make lots of money.

You have to understand that working on a cruise ship is not a holiday. As mentioned it involves long hours and extended periods at see. Most cruise ships do not allow staff to use the leisure / dining facilities which is only available to the customers

That said, most ships will have their own facilities for the crew, this generally includes bar/s, relaxation and social facilities, which could include tv/sofa/reading rooms, etc. You can also expect a gym, pool/s, hot tubs, staff sun bathing decks, and other great resources for you to enjoy.

Despite all these minor draw backs there are some great perks. Not only do you get to travel the world and meet some great people along the way, you get free accommodation, free meals, free access to health care (although you often have a pass a physical examination before they will hire you). Oh, and did I mention that you make good money and that you can save most of it because most of your expenses are already covered?

How to find work

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If you really want to find a job I highly recommend you check out this online eBook. It is the best resource I have found online, written by one of my friends, Earl. He has over 5 years experience working on cruise ships all over the world. If you are serious about finding work I cannot recommend this book enough.

It is full of tips, tricks, and insider secrets that give you an advantage of all other applicants. It is fiercely competitive to get a cruise job, without this guide you are likely to fail! Don't let someone else beat you to your dream job, if you really want to live the dream check this out now!

If you really want a cruise job, click on the image above, without it your like a cruise ship with no captain!

But if you want to try to find a job on your own, you can try some of the online recruitment agencies listed below.

Professional DJ's':
Cruise Ship jobs world wide:
Cruise Ship jobs world wide:
Carnival Cruise Jobs:

Cruise Ship FAQ

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Generally speaking, yes. 18 years in the minimum. I haven't found an operator or cruise recruiter who will hire anyone under the age of 18.

No. It is not in the classification of work required to get an extended visa. In fact, most of the time you will not even be working in Australia. For more details about extended working holiday visas please visit the Second or Extended Australian Working Holiday Visa page.

Unfortunately there is no answer to this question. Obviously a master captain is going to get paid a lot (lot lot) more than a cleaner would. It also depends on what cruise you work for, what country you are a resident of, and what awards you are offered when you sign your contract. Just ask them when you make an application, they'll let you know all the details. But as a rough guide you can expect $4,000+ a month, and virtually no expenses.

It depends. Some of the work you'll be doing is in international waters, which technically you shouldn't have to pay taxes on, although countries and tax agencies have found ways around this. It again depends on what country you are from. Best to ask them when you make your application, they will be able to advise you what your position is.

This is determined by both the position you are hired in and the company you are working for. Typically it is 8 - 12 hours a day, 6 days a week.

You must have a valid passport which will not expire during your contract. Get a new passport if yours is about to expire.

Most companies prefer people with some kind of college or university degree. However, if you have extensive work experience in a sector and can provide good references from previous employment this should not be a barrier.

That's great. While it is certainly not a requirement to get a job, those whose are multilingual have preference with the recruitment companies.

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