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Author: Macey26Posted: 28/05/2014 (11:55 AM)

Dons Backpackers fruitpicking scam in Mildura, WATCH OUT!

Farm work MILDURA with "dons backpackers"
The worst experience of my life. Do not go there for your regional work!
Very nice girls that encourage you to work there and the money is up to 200 a day, and its a nice place to complete you regional work. WRONG, ITS A SCAM.
1) you have to pay up front money and deposit when you arrive
2) the money is so poor you can just afford to pay rent 150 per week and a little food thats it
3) every one works for him but he supply's the work from the farmers so you have no contact with them and the work is not all week. (Down to the lovely girls that speak to you on the phone) so you don't get your certificate from him its off the farmers.
4) living conditions are disgusting
5) once you hand the money over don't expect much at all, you can't complain because he will rip you for it and easily kick you out like it does to most that go there
6) people told us about him and to be honest I was so shocked he should be reported and shut down. (Even the locals warned us about how he rips off backpackers and throws them out most weeks with no money and no certificate
7) we were miss treated by him and used for our money. We got thrown out at midnight after a confrontation with this guy, no money, no deposit and no where to stay.
8) he even got his lap dogs to check we were hurrying up
9) he was shouting at my partner saying he was a liar and making up storeys but the fact is he takes money off people because he knows people need the 2 year visa sign off, but do not go to mildura as most of the farm work is through him. If you do go be prepared to walk out in the first 2 weeks.


Author: Team DownundrPosted: 30/05/2014 (05:14 AM)

Hi Macey,

Firstly, I just wanted to say how horrible, I makes me so angry when you hear of people taking advantage of others. Secondly, thank you very much for alerting the community here. Thirdly, I have taken the liberty of changing the title of this forum post so that others browsing the forums can better understand what this post is about (changed from: 2nd year visa SCAM!!!!!!! to: Dons Backpackers fruitpicking scam in Mildura, WATCH OUT!)

I have also added a link from our "Fruit Picking in Mildura" page to this forum post so that hopefully other people will not find yourself in the same unfortunate situation that you and your partner did. You can see it here.

Thanks again for informing the community, and please accept my sincere apologies on behalf of all good natured and well meaning Australians for the behavior of this individual, should this claim be true.

Tim, Team Downundr.

P.S. It must be noted for legal reasons that:
- we have been unable to verify the truthfulness of this post
- it it entirely possible that this post was nothing more than a malicious posting from a competitor hostel or disgruntled customer
- we strongly encourage everyone to fully research hostels online before going there
- being advocates of free speech we have left this post up for the purposes of the above mentioned online research we recommend everyone should do before booking hostels (or anything else for that matter)

Author: Macey26Posted: 30/05/2014 (12:48 PM)

Update from above...... We found a you tube clip. This just proves the above statement and what he treats people like.
YOUTUBE... "Current affairs - dons backpackers' .

Author: Mcgarey14Posted: 30/08/2014 (01:26 AM)

Please check out our blog, we were unfortunate to go to this place. He is using other backpackers to post on Gumtree, we have been reporting them as soon as we see them and managed to get 3 removed today! grin

Please be cautious on gumtree!


Author: Team DownundrPosted: 31/08/2014 (10:59 AM)

Hi there Meg and Nina.

Thanks for also posting on this forum post. It's horrible that such a person can be allowed to operate. And thanks again for posting about it on your own blog, hopefully with enough awareness people will start to avoid him.

I hope the rest of your adventure in Australia is a success and that your active involvement in this matter helps some others avoid the "Don".

Team Downundr

Author: Jo_cookiiePosted: 08/10/2014 (02:29 AM)

Although we would do anything to stop people going to this place, backpackers aren't given any details to be able to look up the location, bosses and 'pay'. We have just been in a similar scenario and we weren't even there 24 hours.
We are now in close contact with the police and consumer affairs so if you could leave me your number or email address the police have asked me to get as many people as possible to give a statement as this will make it more likely for him to be taken down for good!
All the best.

Author: Macey26Posted: 09/10/2014 (12:51 PM)

So good to hear that.
I hope he gets shut down.
We lost so much money. Anything to help.

Author: gabePosted: 10/11/2014 (09:07 AM)

Hey Jo_cookiie,

Can you please email me

I know some people who could add to the terrible feedback about this guy.


Author: kellystardustPosted: 15/12/2014 (04:00 AM)

me and my sister were thinking of heading up to mildura to do our farm work soon, could any of you please forward me some more info on these guys please?? we just want to make sure we're not getting ourselves into a bad situation
the woman weve been talking to is called Bethany
my email is
thanks alot!! smile

Author: Carrie999Posted: 26/05/2015 (08:48 AM)

Please check carefully before traveling here, I've just received a phone call from my son and his girlfriend, they paid $100 each to travel to Mildura after being offered work, there was no mention of Don's backpackers so they thought they were okay, when they arrived they had to pay $450 meach for accomodation and then told that the money was a job finders fee and was non refundable even there was no work at this time, about 30 backpackers have arrived in the two days that my son has been there and each one has paid the same amount of money. Don has had most of the girls in tears after he offered them a cleaning job, they cleaned and scrubbed their accommodationfor two days to get it to a semi decent condition but he told them that they had done nothing. They have been left penniless and homeless at 10pm Australian time and had to call me to transfer money to them urgently, luckily I am in a position where I could help them, heaven knows what would happen to the others who don't have someone they can call.

PLEASE get the message out there to warn these poor backpackers NOT to go there.

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