Fruit picking, seasonal & harvest work in Boonah

Are you interested in finding some fruit picking or harvest work in Boonah? Do you need more information about jobs & accommodation in and around Boonah? Then keep reading to discover all you need to know to make your trip to Boonah a success!

Fruit picking Boonah

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Boonah is a smallish outback town located in the south east Queensland. It has an approximate population of 2,500.

Its postcode is 4310, which makes it an area eligible for backpackers and people wanting to come and work and travel Australia to extend their Working Holiday Visa to an Extended Working Holiday Visa.

The town is positioned near the Fassifern Valley, McPherson Range and Main Range. Referred to as the "Heart of the Scenic Rim", Boonah is one of the most attractive areas in South East Queensland.

It is surrounded by rugged mountains, lakes and 7 picturesque national parks. It is a popular tourist destination and weekend retreat for people from metropolitan areas like Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

It is located about 90 km's from Brisbane, which will take you just over an hour to drive, 120 kms from the Gold Coast which takes about 1.5 hours to drive, and about 860 km's from Sydney, which would take you about 10 hours to drive.

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Best time to find fruit picking work in Boonah

There is a lot of fruit picking, harvest and seasonal work to be found in Boonah.

The area is known for producing a wide range of vegetables and fruits, many of which go direct to the Brisbane markets.

The busiest months are December to February (which are also the hottest three months of the year) with work found in all the crops produced in the area.

However, you should be able to find a job all year long. The many different varieties of vegetables grown in the area ensure that there is always something waiting to be picked or planted.

    Jan     Feb     Mar     April     May     June     July     Aug     Sept     Oct     Nov     Dec  
Vegetables: YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Tomatoes: YesYesYesYesNoNoNoNoNoNoYesYes
Melons: YesYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoYes


Yes  Generally lots of work. Maybe  There may be work. No  Generally no work.

Weather in Boonah

And here you can see the average temperatures in Boonah over the year, it may influence you decision on if you want to work in the area.


Avg. Max Temp (°C)

Avg. Min Temp (°C)

Avg. Rain (mm)

Hottest 3 months:
December - February
Coldest 3 months:
June - August
Wettest 3 months:
December - February

Hottest ever:
44.3°C in January 1994
Coldest ever:
-4.9°C in August 1995

These are the average yearly temperatures from 1942 - 2013 and are sourced from
For more details please visit (Boonah)

How to find fruit picking work in Boonah

Firstly have a look on the Jobs Board, specifically the Fruit picking & Harvest jobs in Queensland section.

Then have a look at the Employment agencies in Australia section. Simply select Brisbane and Queensland as your Location and Agriculture & Rural Services as your Speciality when using the search form to get a complete list of companies who may have job listings.

If there isn't anything on there that interests you, here are the details for some of the biggest companies operating in the area, it is always a good idea to contact them and see if there is any work in the area:

Name: Qld Citrus Growers Incorporate (mangos)

Address: Southgate Commercial Centre/ 250 Sherwood Rd, Rocklea QLD 4106

Telephone: (07) 3379 3833

Name: Table Grape Growers of Australia Pty Ltd (mangos)

Address: 9 Stockwell Pl, Archer- field QLD 4108

Telephone: (07) 3276 7700

Name: Boonah Markets (tomatoes)

Address: 10 Railway St, Boonah QLD 4310

Telephone: 0419 706 598

Name: Australian Gum Products Pty Ltd (vegetables)

Address: U4/ 129 Brookfield Rd, Kenmore Hills QLD 4069

Telephone: (07) 3378 6416

And lastly, there is the National Harvest Labour Information Service (run by the Australian government):


Telephone: 1800 062 332 - 8:30am to 5:00pm (Monday to Friday)

Where to stay in Boonah

There are a whole range of options, including hotels, motels, rental properties and caravan parks, farm stays, lodges, cabins even resorts and retreats at affordable rates. Some employers will arrange accommodation and it may be possible to camp on some farms.

For more information you should contact the local Tourist Information centre.

Name: Boonah Visitor Information Centre

Address: Boonah Fassifern Road, Boonah Qld 4310



Telephone: (07) 5463 2233

How to get to Boonah

If you've found a job and need to get to Boonah your options are a fairly broad. There are no direct flights from any of the major airline companies of Australia, but there are a number of different public transport connections.

When coming from Brisbane you travel south-west along the Ipswich Highway onto the Cunningham Highway towards Warwick, then follow the signs, and it should take you just over an hour. If coming from the Gold Coast, you go through Nerang, Canungra, Beaudesert and head to Boonah, and the drive should take 1.5 - 2 hours

Take a car or camper van!

If you don't have your own transport, you have to make a decision. Will you take a camper van or take a rental car?

To find out the best way to rent a car or camper van in Australia (and there are some tricks to it!), check out the Getting around Australia - cars & camper vans page now!

Catch public transport!

Catch one of the bus services to Boonah, departing from Brisbane and other locations. Check out the Getting around Australia - public transport page now to search ALL the public transport networks right across the country!

What to do in Boonah

Boonah has some great of adventure activities including gliding, rock climbing, bush walking, balloon flights and a range water activities on the lakes nearby.

There are 7 national parks in the area so there are heaps of opportunities to go camping, bush walking/hiking, horse riding and other outdoor activities. Just ask the locals to recommend some nice places for you to visit and they will point you in the right direction.

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