Fruit picking, seasonal & harvest work in Gayndah

Are you interested in finding some fruit picking or harvest work in Gayndah? Do you need more information about jobs & accommodation in and around Gayndah? Then keep reading to discover all you need to know to make your trip to Gayndah a success!

Fruit picking Gayndah

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Gayndah is a smallish outback country town located in southern Queensland, with an approximate population of 2,000.

It is best known for growing citrus fruits, especially oranges and mandarins. You can find work during the picking season, and also later in the year doing pruning work.

It is located about 345 km's from Brisbane, which should take about 4 to 4.5 hours to drive, if you don't make any long stops along the way.

If driving from Brisbane take the Bruce Highway then get on the Burnett Highway at Gympie. Or if you want to, you can take the Burnett Highway the whole way straight from Brisbane.

Its postcode is 4625, which makes it an area eligible for backpackers and people wanting to come and work and travel Australia to extend their Working Holiday Visa to an Extended Working Holiday Visa.

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Best time to find fruit picking work in Gayndah

Gayndah only grows citrus fruits, and depending on the season it can be very hard to find work.

The best months are from March to June, that's peak picking season when the fruits get harvested.

I recommend you try to organise work before going there (see below), otherwise you may find that there is no work for you.

    Jan     Feb     Mar     April     May     June     July     Aug     Sept     Oct     Nov     Dec  
Citrus: MaybeMaybeMaybeMaybeMaybeMaybeMaybeMaybeMaybeNoMaybeMaybe


Yes  Generally lots of work. Maybe  There may be work. No  Generally no work.

Weather in Gayndah

And here you can see the average temperatures in Gayndah over the year, it may influence you decision on if you want to work in the area.

Peak picking season is from March to June, and it can rain at times. You should bring wet weather clothes as it can rain. And be prepared for some hot days in March and April. Make sure you have a large water bottle as days over 30 degrees are not uncommon.


Avg. Max Temp (°C)

Avg. Min Temp (°C)

Avg. Rain (mm)

Hottest 3 months:
December - February
Coldest 3 months:
June - August
Wettest 3 months:
December - February

Hottest ever:
42.0°C in December 2008
Coldest ever:
-1.4°C in July 2003

These are the average yearly temperatures from 2003 - 2013 and are sourced from
For more details please visit (Gayndah)

The best time to go to Gayndah for fruit picking is from March to June. You should be aware that, especially in March and April, it can get very hot, with day time temperatures often exceeding 30°C.

Make sure you have appropriate clothing to protect you from the sun and that you bring a large water bottle.

And keep in mind that it can also rain (especially in March), make sure you have some wet weather gear packed!

How to find fruit picking work in Gayndah

Firstly have a look on the Jobs Board, specifically the Fruit picking & Harvest jobs in Queensland section.

Then have a look at the Employment agencies in Australia section. Simply select Brisbane and Queensland as your Location and Agriculture & Rural Services as your Speciality when using the search form to get a complete list of companies who may have job listings.

If there isn't anything on there that interests you, have a look at the National Harvest Labour Information Services (run by the Australian government):

Name: Sarina Russo Job Access

Address: 59 Capper Street, Gayndah Qld 4625


Telephone: (07) 4160 3700 and 1300 792 622

National Harvest Labour Information Service


Telephone: 1800 062 332 - 8:30am to 5:00pm (Monday to Friday)

Sarina Russo are a really good company and they do great work organising jobs for people in this region, I highly recommend them. Have a read of this if you don't believe us! Sarina Russo news article.

Where to stay in Gayndah

Unfortunately, accommodation is limited in the area, so having your own camping equipment is an advantage. That said there is a hostel and a hotel.

There are some caravan parks in the area, but they get full during peak season, so make sure you get in early to avoid disappointment.

Having your own transport is essential as there is no public transport to and from the farms.

What to do in Gayndah

When you are not fruit picking there are a number of things you can do. These include visiting the Gayndah and District Historical Museum, seeing the Big Orange, Archer lookout, McConnell lookout on Mount Gayndah, historic buildings of interest in town and the Ellendale Orchard.

There is also the Burnett River running right through the centre of the township, so if fishing is your thing you're in luck. And if fishing doesn't interest you, there are some nice walks along the river for you to take.

How do I get there?

Gayndah is situated on the Burnett Highway, 366 kms north west of Brisbane following the Bruce, Isis and Burnett Highways or 166 kms west of Bundaberg,Burnett Highways.

You may be able to find public transport that goes out that way, but I do not recommend it as you will need a car in Gayndah to get to and from the farms.

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