Fruit picking, seasonal & harvest work in Waikerie

Are you interested in finding some fruit picking or harvest work in Waikerie? Do you need more information about jobs & accommodation in and around Waikerie? Then keep reading to discover all you need to know to make your trip to Waikerie a success!

Fruit picking Waikerie

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Waikerie is a small country town, with an approximate population of 1,800 people. It is located north-east of Adelaide, in the state of South Australia.

It has a postcode of 5330, but all fruit picking work done in South Australia counts for people who want to work and travel Australia and extend their Working Holiday Visa to an Extended Working Holiday Visa.

It is located about 175 km's from Adelaide, which should take about 2 - 2.5 hours to drive if you don't make any long stops along the way. It is situated on the Murray river.

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Best time to find fruit picking work in Waikerie

Waikerie is known for growing grapes for the South Australian wine industry, a variety of citrus fruits and stone fruit.

You can find work most months of the year, but June to August are the best where you can often find work either in the citrus farms or in the vineyards working with grapes.

April to May are generally very quite months and should be avoided as it is unlikely you will find much work.

    Jan     Feb     Mar     April     May     June     July     Aug     Sept     Oct     Nov     Dec  
Citrus: MaybeMaybeNoNoMaybeYesYesYesYesYesYesMaybe
Grapes: MaybeYesYesMaybeMaybeYesYesMaybeNoNoNoNo
Stone fruit: YesYesMaybeNoNoNoNoNoNoMaybeYesYes


Yes  Generally lots of work. Maybe  There may be work. No  Generally no work.

How to find fruit picking work in Waikerie.

Firstly have a look on the Jobs Board, specifically the Fruit picking & Harvest jobs in South Australia section.

Then have a look at the Employment agencies in Australia section. Simply select Perth and South Australia as your Location and Agriculture & Rural Services as your Speciality when using the search form to get a complete list of companies who may have job listings.

If there isn't anything on there that interests you, have a look at the National Harvest Labour Information Services (run by the Australian government) and MADEC recruitment agency:

Name: MADEC Australia

Address: 8 Ral Ral Avenue, Renmark SA 5341



Telephone: 1800 062 332

National Harvest Labour Information Service


Telephone: 1800 062 332 - 8:30am to 5:00pm (Monday to Friday)

Where to stay in Waikerie

Due to its smallish size, there is not a large range of accommodation options. What is available include: a hotel, motels, B&Bs, caravan and cabin parks and houseboats on the river.

Some of the farms may offer accommodation for their workers. However, you should organise this with them before starting work. Not all have accommodation and those that do generally only have a limited number of spots available.

You can also check with the local Tourist Information Centre to see what other options are available to you.

Name: Waikerie Visitor Information Centre

Address: Orange Tree Giftmania, Sturt Highway, Waikerie SA 5330



Telephone: (08) 8541 2332

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