Tax Returns - get your hard earned dollars back from the greedy government today!

It's easier today than it's ever been as I'm happy to announce that I've partnered with one of the very best tax agencies you can find online. And did I mention, no return, no fee - they do everything they can to get you back every cent you are entitled to!

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When you work in Australia your employers are obliged to withhold tax from your earnings and pay this to the ATO (Australian Tax Office). The rate of tax that your employer will deduct will be between 13% - 32.5% and will mainly be determined by how you fill in your tax file declaration form* when you start working.

It is vital that you fill this form in and let your employer know what your Tax File Number (TFN) is otherwise you will end up being charges 46.5% in tax.

The above might seem like a lot of your earnings will go on taxation but the good news is that in most cases temporary visa holders such as 417 Working Holiday Makers and students are entitled to file for a refund of such taxes either at the end of the financial year (30th June) or when departing the country permanently.

The process of claiming this refund can be complicated so we have teamed up with to assist you with such matters – have 6 offices across Australia and have a 24/7 service to allow people to take care of their tax refunds when most convenient for you as the client The average income tax refund with is $2600 and to see what you are due you can register for a no obligation free estimation or if you prefer to speak to a consultant first register for a call-back.

In order to process an application with you will need to provide the below:

  • Completed application form
  • Payment summary or final payslip for each job you have had in the tax year
  • Photo ID

Processing times for refunds depend on when you apply, if you are applying at the end of the financial year (30th June) then the application will take 10 – 12 business days as this is an electronic return however if you are leaving Oz in the middle of a financial year and want to apply for an early assessment then this is a paper return and will take 6-8 weeks.

Why use for your Australia Tax Return?

  • No refund no fee - take their fees from you refund so you can be sure that they will keep in touch with the ATO to get your money back as fast as possible
  • Lost Documents? No Problem – understand that when traveling in Australia it is easy to lose paperwork so they have a dedicated team that will trace any pay documents that you have lost and need to finalise your application
  • 24/7 contact – have 24/7 chat facility on their website that will allow you to find out what is happening with your application at any time
  • Office Locations – have offices across all the major cities Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Darwin, Perth & Brisbane and making it easy for you to get in and see a representative face to face and get all sort
  • Languages – offer their service to clients in 26 languages including French, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese

Get your tax return process started today

* You will be required to fill in a tax file declaration form for every job when you start and on this form you will be asked to declare if you are an Australian resident or non-resident for tax purposes (question 7 on this form) – it is very important that for your first 6 months at least in Australia that you tick ‘NO’ to this question to avoid running into problems.

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