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If you are looking for forums and message boards relating to anything Australian you have found the right page! If you need help with Visas just post your question on one of the forums. If you are wondering about Jobs & Work ask on the work forum, look on the jobs board, or find a recruitment agency from the list.

Travel Australia forum Number of posts: 3951,   Last Post: 22/05/2020 (06:00 AM)
A forum dedicated to specific topics related to travelling around Australia. It doesn't matter if you are a local, an international tourist, or backpacker, if you have a travel related question this forum if for you.
Jobs & Working in Australia forum Number of posts: 2580,   Last Post: 12/05/2020 (02:05 AM)
If you need to ask any questions regarding how to find a job, wages, hours, or anything else about working in Australia, this is the forum for you.
Australia (general topics) forum Number of posts: 1775,   Last Post: 02/05/2020 (07:53 AM)
If you cannot find a specific forum related to your topic, then this general forum about all things Australian is for you.
Visas for Australia forum Number of posts: 2132,   Last Post: 12/05/2020 (02:03 AM)
Six forums, each related to a particular set (or sub-set) of visas for Australia. Including tourist visas, working holiday visas, education visas and work and business visas.
Education in Australia forum Number of posts: 2272,   Last Post: 12/05/2020 (02:04 AM)
A forum dedicated to anything related to education in Australia. It doesn't matter if it is related to pre-school, Kindergarten, Tertiary/University studies, completing your PhD, or anything else related to education, this is the forum for you.
Immigration & moving to Australia forum Number of posts: 2888,   Last Post: 23/05/2020 (06:54 AM)
The essential forum for anyone who is considering immigrating to Australia. With such a big life changing decision, you will have many questions.
General chit chat forum Number of posts: 3194,   Last Post: 21/05/2020 (11:03 AM)
A forum to talk about whatever you please, it doesn't even have to be related to Australia.

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Things to do in Australia!

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