Fruit picking, seasonal, & harvest jobs & work in the Northern Territory

Do you want to earn some extra cash by picking fruit in the Northern Territory? Don't know when, or where, or what to pick? Or what kind of work will be available for you? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about fruit picking in the Northern Territory!

Fruit picking the Northern Territory
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Due to fact most of the Northern Territory is desert, there is not as much work here as other the other states in Australia.

However, there are some areas of Eden in the dry territory, and any fruit picking and harvest work done in the NT counts towards your 3 months required work for your extended Working Holiday Visa.

If you are looking to get an extended visa and are in Darwin, and are wondering what you can do to get your extended visa, don't forget to just check out the local backpacker hostels, there still is fruit picking work in and around Darwin, you should find something pretty easily.

And also don't forget that Pearl farm work in Australia often count towards your three months work.

There is also some Island Work near Darwin so don't forget to check out the local Recruitment agencies in Darwin and the Recruitment agencies in the Northern Territory for some more job options.

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Picking fruit in the Northern Territory - where to go?

Fruit Picking and Harvest work in the Northern Territory map - locations of picking areas

Firstly, you should check out the job listings and see what's available. You can find them by clicking the link below.

On the map you can find the best places to go to pick fruit in the Northern Territory. Due to it's dry nature, there are not very many locations in the NT where you can find work.

Further down the page is a snap shot of each location, including the distance from Darwin, the population and the best time to find work there.

You can also find a link in each snap shot for even more details including how to find a job and accommodation in that location.

Good luck on your job hunt and don't forget to share this page!

1. Darwin (& Humpty Doo)

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Darwin: 76,000, Humpty Doo: 3,150
From Darwin:
0 - 15 km

Extended visa eligible:
Extended visa eligible

Best months:September - November.

Crops:Bananas, Flowers, Mangoes, Melons, Vegetables.

Fruit picking in Darwin and Humpty Doo

2. Katherine

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From Darwin:
317 km

Extended visa eligible:
Extended visa eligible

Best months:October - December.

Crops:Citrus, Mangoes, Melons, Vegetables.

Fruit picking in Katherine

3. Ti Tree

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< 1,000
From Darwin:
1,304 km

Extended visa eligible:
Extended visa eligible

Best months:May - June, November - December.


Fruit picking in Ti Tree

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