How to find work in the Northern Territory

Are you looking for work in the Northern Territory? Have no idea what the labour market is like, or what's available? Then come and discover all you ever need to know right here, right now!

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Note: If you looking for work in the capital city Darwin, and not in regional or outback parts of the NT, please visit the Find work in Darwin page.

A tour group in front of Uluru / Ayers Rock
There is a lot of tourism, and tour related
work to be found in parts of the NT

Firstly, if you are not an Australian citizen you must have a visa that allows you to work. If you want to backpack around Australia please visit the work and travel Australia page, or if you are an international student or are looking for a sponsored / professional worker visa, Check out the Australian Visas page for more details.

There is a bit of bad news for those of you who want to work in outback parts of the NT, there is not much work to be found. This is because most of it is desert. You won't find many farms or industry across most of the territory.

Your best chances of finding work outside Darwin is in the tourism or hospitality industries of Alice Springs. Because of its close location to Uluru (Ayers Rock) it has a booming tourism industry. Even in the off season there are thousands of tourists coming and going each day.

But it is not all bad news, there are some other industries that operate across the territory and create jobs for people looking to escape the hectic life of large urban cities. Keep reading to find out more!

Farms, fruit picking, and agriculture

There is a limited amount of fruit picking to be found, but because of the landscape these areas are limited in number and size. There is a lot of tropical fruits to be harvested in and around Darwin/Humpty Doo from September to December, and Katherine and Ti Tree also has some fruit picking work.

There are a number of large outback farms spread across the territory and they are often looking for workers. Due to the extreme remoteness of these farms they often have a lot of trouble finding people to fill these positions.

If you are prepared to live in a remote and isolated area you can often find work. To find out more details see below for more links.


There is a limited amount of mining work, with the town Gove hosting a major mine. Again, due to the vast size of the NT and the remote location of the mine they often have trouble filling their vacancies.

If you are specifically looking for this type of work, Western Australia and the Queensland generally tend to have a lot of mine work and are also worth investigating. These jobs pay very good money, but can be hard to find, especially if you are unskilled. You best chances to finding mine work is the have a look at some recruitment agencies and job boards (see below).

Pearling and pearl farms

Paspaley Pearls, Australia's biggest pearl producer, and recognised as producing some of the finest pearls worldwide, has pearl farms across the coast line from Darwin to Broome (Western Australia). Pearling jobs, although hard work, are sought after by back packers and adventure seeking Australians alike. There are also other jobs out on the farms such as mechanics, cooks/chefs, kitchen hands, cleaners, engineers, etc.

If you are interested in this type of work must take a look at the Pearling and pearl farm work page!

Links and Resources!

What is mentioned above is just some of the jobs that can be found in the NT. Due to the remote locations of many positions the advertiser often has trouble filling them. As such, if you are prepared to work remotely, it is amazing what type of jobs pop up across just waiting to be filled.

To help you, I have a selection of links to other parts of this site that will help you in your job search!
Good luck, I hope you find a job in the Northern Territory soon!

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