Hi, my name is Tim, and I built this website!

Hi and welcome to my website. My name is Tim, and I am an adventure seeking Australian guy who loves his country. I am the creator and owner of this website.

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At about the age of 24, I started meeting many backpackers who asked me many questions about Australia. I quickly realised they had seen more of Australia than I had, and that they knew more about this wonderful country than I did.

So I sold everything I owned, quit my job, jumped in a car with a friend, and toured Australia. And that is basically how this website was born - I wanted to share Australia and everything I knew about it with the whole world.

During my adventures I did a lot of fruit picking work in Victoria and New South Wales, I lived and worked on a couple of boats in the Northern Territory doing pearl farm work, I lived and worked on a tropical island resort in Queensland, amongst a lot of other things.

I have lived in backpacker hostels, I have slept on the beach, I have camped in the mountains, slept in the back of my car, and once I lived for 3 months in a tent in the back yard of a friend in inner city Brisbane.

I know a lot about Australia, but I don't pretend to know it all. It is such a big country that no-one can say that they have seen everything there is to see, or know all there is to know. I have lived in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, and toured most places in-between. But I have never been to Tasmania or had the chance to visit Western Australia yet. They are next on my list of places to see.

But I give you what little knowledge I do have, and my experiences of the all beautiful places I have had the luck to visit.

On this website you will find a little bit of everything. There is stuff on jobs and working in Australia for those of you looking for some extra cash (don't forget to have a look at the backpacker jobs page). For those of you who are not already here there have a look at the Australian Visa pages and my all important Coming to Australia checklist. And for those of you who are just looking for some interesting information don't hesitate to have a look at the Australian tips and tricks pages, which has a bit of everything, ranging from destinations and places to see, surviving the outback, interesting facts about Australia and much more.

Don't forget, if you have any questions that you can ask on one of the seven Australian Forums I have built, or you can contact me via email from my Contact page.

I hope you find this website useful. Don't forget to follow me online and tell your friends about this website!

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