How to get to Perth

Are you thinking of going to Perth? Don't know how to get there or how far it is? Then discover what you can do on your drive to this city!

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If you are thinking about heading over to Perth, whatever your mode of transport, I can help you out. Keep reading and take the hassle out of planning your trip.

Driving to Perth

Riding camels in Broome
If coming from the north don't forget
to ride some camels in Broome!

Driving to Perth is not the easiest of adventures, but I highly recommend it as it is a great way to see some real outback Australia.

Most people either from Adelaide (South Australia) or from Darwin (the Northern Territory) or Broome (Western Australia).

The problem is, it is not as simple as saying "Let's drive to Perth"... the distance from Adelaide to Perth is over 2,500kms. From Broome is 2,200+ kms . And from Darwin it is a massive 4,000+ kms (but if you are driving from there, you will be going through Broome).

When driving from Adelaide, you'll be coming across the Nullarbor plain, a simply amazing drive partly along the coast. It is breath taking and unlike anything you have ever seen before. If you get the chance, make sure you follow the coast right around and visit the towns like Esperance, Albany, and the Margaret River area. This detour will add an extra 500+ kms to your journey, but is well worth it. Come on, if you've prepared to drive 2,500 kms, what's another 500 kms? Make the most of your trip!

If you are coming from Broome or Darwin you have also have the chance to drive along some really secluded and amazing roads. You can pick between following the ocean coast line the entire drive, or you can head inland and through some real outback areas. Either way you will see some gorgeous country that you won't find anywhere else in the world!

If you don't have your own transport, you have to make a decision. Will you take a camper van or take a rental car?

To find out the best way to rent a car or camper van in Australia (and there are some tricks to it!), check out the Getting around Australia - cars & camper vans page now!

Public Transport to Perth.

You can catch one of the many bus or train services to Perth from virtually anywhere in Australia! Check out the Getting around Australia - public transport page now to search ALL the public transport networks right across the country!

Flying to Perth.

If you fly to Perth, getting into the city is a breeze. The airport is about 15kms from the city centre and you can catch a taxi there for approximately $40. Or you can take one of the shuttle buses that run on a regular basis, and they cost much less than a taxi, which is good!

Have a look at the Getting around Australia - flights page to compare all airline providers right across the country!

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