How to find work in Queensland

Are you looking for work in Queensland? Do you have no idea what the labour market is like? Then come & discover all you need to know right here, right now!

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Note: If you looking for work in the capital city Brisbane, and not regional Queensland, please visit the Find work in Brisbane page.

Straw bales just waiting to be collected
There is a lot of farm work, especially
on cattle farms in the north and south!

If you are not an Australian citizen you must have a visa that allows you to work. If you want to backpack around Australia please visit the work and travel Australia page. However, if you are a student or are looking for a sponsored / professional worker visa, Check out the Australian Visas page for more details.

It can be a little easier finding work in regional areas that it is in other states because of the booming tourism industry. Many small - medium towns are often looking for hospitality or tourism related workers. And to make things even easier, many of the regional cities are supported by some sort of major industry, meaning there are jobs for labourers and skilled workers.

Farms, fruit picking, and agriculture

There is a large amount of fruit picking work all year long. Much of the work is tropical fruits ranging from bananas to melons and everything else in-between. Most of this work is located along coastal areas or along the southern border where there is regular rainfall.

If you wanted to do some farm work inland, there are many cattle stations and farms who are often looking for workers. Due to the climate and different weather zones in the state there is heaps of vacancies all year round (see below for links).


There is a large amount of mining work throughout the state. Much of it is coal, but there are other types of mines as well. Mt Isa is a inland city that only exists because of the mining industry. If you are specifically looking for this type of work, Western Australia and the Northern Territory generally tend to have a lot of mine work and are also worth investigating. These jobs pay very good money, but can be hard to find, especially if you are unskilled. You best chances to finding mine work is the have a look at some recruitment agencies and job boards (see below).

Island Work

Close up of a purple crab in the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland
Get a job on a tropical island and this
cute crab could be your new best friend!

There are a heaps of island resort right along the coast; Morton Island, Fraser Island, and the Whit Sunday Islands just to name a few! Resorts are often looking for workers, and even if you are unskilled there are jobs available. For example, do you speak another language? Don't mind washing dishes? Think you could clean hotel/resort room? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should be able to work on a tropical island and be the envy of all your friends! For more details, have a look at the Island work page!

Pearling and pearl farms

Up in the north of the state there are a limited number of pearl farms. They sometimes look for workers, however, if you are interested in this type of work you will have more luck finding a job either in Darwin (the Northern Territory) or Broome (Western Australia). For more details about the industry have a look at the Pearling and pearl farm work page!

Links and Resources!

What is mentioned above is just the tip of the iceberg. There are heaps of different kinds of jobs, you just have to go find them. To help you, I have a selection of links to other parts of this site that will help you in your job search!
Good luck, I hope you find a job in Queensland soon!

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