Fruit picking scam - printable A5 fliers

Help protect people from fruit picking scams by printing out the "scam alert" A5 flyer!

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Fruit picking scams

To help protect people from fruit picking scams, I have created an A5 flyer for others to print.

Hopefully, with enough education and exposure, people will learn to avoid these scams.

These A5 flyers are most effective if printed in colour, however, they will print just fine in black and white.

Each flyer prints on standard A4 paper, and contains two A5 flyers - all you have to do is cut that page down the middle. How easy is that!

Printable flyers:

If you missed the article don't forget to read the Fruit picking scams - how to spot and avoid them article.

Thank you very much for your effort in helping to tackle this problem!

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