How to get to Sydney

Are you thinking of going to Sydney? Don't know how to get there or how far it is? Then discover what you can do on your drive to this city!

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Getting to Sydney is as very simple. Unless you feel like walking or riding a bike (which I do not recommend), you will either be driving, catching a plane, or using public transport of some sort (a bus or train). Whatever method you choose to get there, I can help you. Keep reading and take the hassle out of your trip!

Driving to Sydney

Australian road signs: Drive on the left
Don't forget to drive on the left in
Australia! View the image gallery here

You will most likely be driving from one of the two closest capital cities. Driving from Brisbane (Queensland) will take a whole day as it is 921 kms away if you drive the most direct route. Likewise, driving from Melbourne (Victoria) will also take a full day as its most direct route is a 877 kms journey.

Both these routes are along major highways and freeways, so you can drive 100 - 110 kms per hour most of the way.

When driving from Brisbane, there are many little scenic route detours you can take through nation parks, along beaches, and other such natural wonders. This will turn the one day trip into a two day trip (or longer if you really want to take your time and soak up the sights). Many people use the city of Coffs Harbour as a overnight stopover.

Likewise, when driving from Melbourne many people often choose to stop over in Canberra for the night and check out Australia's Capital Territory.

If you don't have your own transport, you have to make a decision. Will you take a camper van or take a rental car?

To find out the best way to rent a car or camper van in Australia (and there are some tricks to it!), check out the Getting around Australia - cars & camper vans page now!

Public Transport to Sydney.

You can catch one of the many bus or train services to Sydney from virtually anywhere in Australia! Check out the Getting around Australia - public transport page now to search ALL the public transport networks right across the country!

Flying to Sydney.

If you fly, getting into the city is a breeze. The airport is only 9 kms to the city centre. Getting into the city couldn't be more simple, you can catch a cab/taxi, suburban trains or buses, or a Shuttle Bus which will drop you off at your hotel/hostel.

Have a look at the Getting around Australia - flights page to compare all airline providers right across the country!

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