Just how big is Tasmania?

Do you know how big this state really is? No idea how much time you will need to tour it? Then you must read this if planning to visit Tasmania!

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Animals of Australia: The Wombat

For those of you who didn't already know, Australia is big, really big. It is hard to appreciate just how big Tasmania is from the map on this page, and you could be forgiven for thinking that it is not such a big place. But that would be a terrible mistake!

So the important questions are: just how big is the state, and how long will it take to tour it?

Just how big is it?

It is the smallest state in Australia and yet it still covers a 90,758 km² This should help to put things in perspective for you.

If it was its own independent country, it would be ranked the 112th biggest in the world. While that doesn't initially sound very impressive, what this means is that Australia's smallest state is still bigger than more than half the countries in the world! It is bigger than countries such as Serbia, Austria, Czech Republic, Ireland, Sri Lanka, and the combined area of both Denmark and the Netherlands!

It is smaller than England, but not by much! England measures in 130,395 km², meaning it is just a little over two thirds of the size.

How long will it take to tour Tasmania?

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