Things to do, places to visit, holiday destinations and attractions in Tasmania

If you are wondering what to do in Tasmania, look no further. Here I have compiled a list of the very best tourist attractions, things to see and do, sights, landmarks and places to visit in Tasmania.

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Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park

Distance from Hobart: 200 kms / 125 miles. Driving: 2 hours 40 minutes.

Sticking out into the sea on Tasmania's mid east coast is the rugged and beautiful Freycinet Peninsula, home to Freycinet National Park and Wineglass Bay.

The peninsula is also home to numerous other bays which provide beautiful secluded swimming beach, snorkelling and scuba areas, rock pools, and many other attractions.

With many hikes (one goes along the entire peninsula and takes 3 days), guided ranger activities, camping areas, an outdoor theatre, scenic drives, there are enough activities to keep you busy for 1 - 5 days.

For more information you can visit the official website at


The Hazards, Freycinet National Park

Distance from Hobart: 200 kms / 125 miles. Driving: 2 hours 40 minutes.

Also located inside the Freycinet National Park are a chain of mountains like you have never seen before, known as the Hazards.

If you can get there for what is known as the "Golden Hour", which is the hour before sunset, is will blow your mind and is an absolute must if you are in the area.

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Bridestowe Estate Lavender Fields

Distance from Hobart: 250 kms / 150 miles. Driving: 3 hours 15 minutes.

If you are visiting Tasmania in December or January, and have always dreamed of visiting the French lavender fields but have never made it over, why not consider visiting 265 acre Bridestowe Estate instead?

While it is impossible to compare them to the French lavender fields, they are equally impressive and unique with the typical hazy blue backdrop of Eucalyptus covered mountains.

Stroll through the fields, check out the Visitor Centre full on amazing lavender based gifts and information, or dine in the Woodcroft Cafe where you can enjoy our unique, lavender inspired cuisine.

For more information you can visit the official website at


Bay of Fires

Distance from Hobart: 275 kms / 170 miles. Driving: 3 hours 30 minutes.

Consisting of white beaches, blue water and granite boulders and rocks covered with orange lichen. Although some people say that it is the orange lichen that gives the area it's name, it was named by Captain Tobias Furneaux, in 1773, who saw the fires of Aboriginal people on the beaches.

The area is littered with beaches and is surrounded by national parks and reserves, meaning there are numerous camping spots and nature walks and hikes all around you.

Other activities available in the area including, beach activities, boating, bird watching, fishing, swimming and surfing just to name a few - there is something here for everyone who enjoys nature and the outdoors.

Its remote location makes you feel like you've left the modern world behind and walked into the mists of history.

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Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park

Distance from Hobart: 175 kms / 110 miles. Driving: 2 hours 30 minutes.

This is one of Tasmania's most visited and most renowned attractions, and for a very good reason.

The park is bursting with hiking tracks and trails, with some of the most stunning scenery you are likely to see. Gorgeous mountains, numerous lakes and lagoons, wildlife galore... what more could you ask for in a national park?

The walks and hikes range in difficulty so there is something for everyone to see. You can so short trips, day drips or take the famous multi-day trek (see below).

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The Overland Track - Cradle Mountain

Distance from Hobart: 175 kms / 110 miles. Driving: 2 hours 30 minutes.

Visiting Cradle Mountain for a day is one thing, but to take off and complete the 6 day Overland Track is quiet another.

Traverse the vast landscape, immerse yourself in the stunning wilderness, and hike right through the heart of some of the finest mountain terrain you can find in the world. Oh, it's also a Wilderness World Heritage Area, so it's going to be good!

The trail is typically 65 km / 40 miles in length, but there are optional extras to extend that if you would like to see some more.

Peak season is from the 1st of October to the 31st of May, and you must book and pay a fee in advance. The rest of the year requires no booking or payment. For more information you visit


Tessellated Pavement - Eaglehawk Neck

Distance from Hobart: 75 kms / 45 miles. Driving: 1 hours 10 minutes.

If you are driving to visit Port Arther, you simply must stop at the Tessellated Pavement on the Eaglehawk Neck.

Tessellated pavement is extremely rare, found only in a few places on Earth. Making this a must see destination!

Occurring near sea coasts on flat rock which has broken into regular blocks, the effect is known as "tessellated pavement" for its resemblance to Roman mosaic floors. Although these depressions look distinctly man-made, they are the result of a rare type of natural erosion.


Tasman Arch

Distance from Hobart: 75 kms / 45 miles. Driving: 1 hours 10 minutes.

Also located in the Eaglehawk Neck area is the Tasman Arch, and it is well worth the stop as there is also a number of other attractions in the immediate area.

For more information about what you can see and do have a look at


Stanley and the Nut

Distance from Hobart: 405 kms / 250 miles. Driving: 4 hours 30 minutes.

Located on the top left corner of Tasmania is a small sleepy town called Stanley, with a population of around 600 people. Right next to it is the The Nut State Reserve. In this reserve is a hill called The Nut. And who doesn't want to walk up a hill called a nut?

The walk itself only takes 15 - 20 minutes, but it is very step. The entire time you are gifted beautiful views out and over the ocean, and makes a superb lookout once you reach the top. People often spend an hour or more taking in the scenery once up on top.

Back down in Stanley you can grab a coffee, go to the beach, take a seal sightseeing tour, grab some food or even stay the night in one of the several hotels or cabin/tourist parks.

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Satellite Island

Distance from Hobart: 75 kms / 45 miles. Driving: 1 hours 30 minutes.

If you are looking for a secluded getaway this is the place. Available to rent by the night, the 30ha island sleeps up to 18 visitors in a converted boathouse on the jetty and offers an authentic slice of coastal Tasmanian life.

When you book in, the island is yours and yours alone. Oh, and it was named second best private island on the planet by United Kingdom lifestyle bible Harper’s Bazaar.

Sheer sea cliffs fall away to pristine water and wild shellfish can be found in the ancient rock shelf that circles the Island. It's beautiful, and if you get the chance you should treat yourself to a night or two on this little island.

For more information you can visit the official website at


Maria Island Painted Cliffs Walk

Distance from Hobart: 75 kms / 45 miles. Driving: 1 hours 30 minutes. This gets you to Orford, then you take a ferry to the Island.

The walk takes 45 - 60 minutes one way (it's 4.4 km 2.7 miles) and takes you to the painted cliffs. It can be enjoyed as part of a day or overnight visit to the island.

The Painted Cliffs are best visited at or around low tide to allow safe access around the rock platform adjacent to the cliffs.

There are picnic, toilet and gas barbecue facilities, however there are no shops on the island. Basic hut and camping accommodation (own bedding, stove and food required).

For more information you can visit the official websites at and


Tamar Valley Wine Region

Distance from Hobart: 210 kms / 130 miles. Driving: 2 hours 30 minutes.

Explore 32 vineyards in the home of some of the finest wines in the world.

Tamar Valley varieties of note are Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Stand out wine varieties include sparkling wine, Chardonnay and Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir.

Cellar door tastings are a specialty of the Tamar Valley and can be enjoyed all year long. So why not indulge yourself with a glass or two of wonderful Tasmanian wine?

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Grindelwald - A Swiss Village

Distance from Hobart: 215 kms / 135 miles. Driving: 2 hours 30 minutes.

If you're looking for a tourist attraction, why not consider visiting the town of Grindelwald, which is modelled as a Swiss Village.

Established in the 1980s as a unique residential development, all houses have been built Swiss style, with wide eaves, flower boxes, window shutters and balconies.

Located a 15 minute drive north of Launceston, in the Tamar Valley, there is plenty to see and do including a day spa, mini-golf and regular gold (10 holes), aqua bike hire and canoeing on the lake, the world's longest children's bouncing pillow and more.

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Franklin - Gordon Wild Rivers National Park

Distance from Hobart: 300 kms / 185 miles. Driving: 4 hours.

The Franklin - Gordon Wild Rivers National Park is a Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, which includes the the catchments of the Franklin, Olga and Gordon Rivers.

The park is famous for the wild and pristine rivers that twist their way through the wilderness, as well as waterfalls, mountains, cliffs and gorgeous hiking trails.

The Lyell Highway winds for 56 kilometres through the heart of the Franklin - Gordon Wild Rivers National Park. Take your time to enjoy this gorgeous drive, with several short walks and picnic stops along the way.

You can take a river cruise from the the west coast village of Strahan, go rafting or canoeing, take one of the many hikes in the areas, visit some waterfalls, seaplane and helicopter flights and much more.

For more information you can visit the official website at


Three Capes Track

Distance from Hobart: 95 kms / 60 miles. Driving: 1 hour 20 minutes.

Opening in 2015, the Three Capes Track is one of the hottest new attractions in Tasmania. It is already being referred to as one of the great coastal walks of the world.

Going for 4 days / 3 nights, and spanning a total distance of 46 kms (29 miles), this hike is an absolutely gorgeous experience.

Each night you stay in a striking and environmentally sensitive location. Amenities include sleeping cabins with comfy beds, spacious living areas, equipped with heating and cooking facilities (you just need to bring cooking utensils and food that is lightweight).

However, this doesn't come cheap. The entire package, at the time of writing was $500 per person. BUT... day walks are free and do not attact a fee.

For more information you can visit the official website at


Port Arthur

Distance from Hobart: 95 kms / 60 miles. Driving: 1 hour 20 minutes.

Discover Australia's convict past and explore what the British claimed was the worlds only truly inescapable prison.

Porth Arthur is separated from Tasmania by a narrow neck of land only 30 meters wide at one point, and was patrolled by guards and half starved guard dogs. To top it off, prisoners were told that the surrounding waters were shark-infested.

Today you can roam the old prison grounds, visit the cemetery, take a guided tour (or a night ghost tour), explore all the old buildings, discover the boys prison, solitary confinement cells, prison asylum, and much more.

Port Arthur is a popular tourist destination for a good reason. This place oozes with spine tingling history with tales of torture, brutality and the convict settlement past of Australia.

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Mole Creek Karst National Park Cave Systems

Distance from Hobart: 265 kms / 165 miles. Driving: 3 hours 15 minutes.

The Mole Creek area is renowned for its caves and contains over 300 known caves and sink-holes as well as gorges and large underground streams and springs.

The Marakoopa and King Solomons Cave systems are both open the public and draw a large number of tourists and locals alike.

Both caves are home to a range of fascinating animals that thrive in their dark environments. The Marakoopa Cave glow-worm display is the largest you will find in any public access cave anywhere in Australia.

But while you are in the area, don't forget to take a walk through the national park, hike to spectacular lookouts at Alum Cliffs, Devils Gullet and Westmorland Falls, visit the Trowunna Wildlife Park, sample 50 different honey products at Melita Honey Farm, and more.

For more information you can visit the official website at and


Tahune Forest Airwalk

Distance from Hobart: 90 kms / 55 miles. Driving: 1 hour 30 minutes.

Located an easy drive from Hobart, you must visit the Tahune Forest Airwalk for a truly breathtaking view of Tasmania's wildlife and wilderness!

It averages heights between 20 - 30 metres above the forest floor, with the very last section sitting 48 metres above the river. The entire walk is over 600 metres long and offers fantastic views the entire way.

You can also take the Swinging Bridges Walk (allow up to one hour to complete it), the Huon Pine Walk (allow 20 minutes to complete it).

If walking is a bit slow paced for you, you can take the Cable Eagle Hang Glider (the automated glider whisks you from the forest floor at speeds of up to 40km/ph, 250 metres across the Huon River, to stop 50 metres in the air) or ride the 6km long mountain bike forest track (suitable for intermediate riders, you must bring your own bike and helmet).

If that's not enough, you can visit the cafe which specialises in fresh Tasmanian produce, local wines, local ciders and beer, use the barbecue and picnic facilities and visit the gift shop.

For more information you can visit the official website at


Hike the Western Arthur Range / Lake Oberon

Distance from Hobart: 4 hours drive.

For the more adventurous and experienced hikers the Western Arthur Ranges are not to be missed.

The whole range contains 22 major peaks and 30 lakes in almost continuous series of steep ascents and descents on sheer cliffs and in precipitous gullies with about 6000 metres of total climbs and descents.

There are a number of hiking options ranging from 3-5 days, 7-9 days, or 10-11 days. Whatever you choose, it's spectacular, it's dangerous, it's as remote as it gets. It can turn to hell or the most exciting hiking adventure in your life.

For more information have a look at for some really great information.


Mount Field National Park / Russell Falls

Distance from Hobart: 75 kms / 45 miles. Driving: 1 hour 5 minutes.

Mt Field National Park is one of Tasmania's most loved national parks, and for a good reason.

It is home to Russell Falls, arguably the most scenic of all waterfalls in Tasmania. And at night time you can see glow worms (when you turn your torch off)!

The park itself is home to swamp gums (the tallest flowering plant on Earth), massive tree ferns, rainforest along the Lake Dobson Road, and alpine vegetation at the higher elevations.

Around Russell Falls you can find picnic areas and stunning walks through enormous fern forests. Up around Lake Dobson you can find long day walks and skiing areas (during the winter months).

For more information you can visit the official website at and


Lake Pedder / Strathgordon Dam

Distance from Hobart: 160 kms / 100 miles. Driving: 2 hours 15 minutes.

With numerous walking trails exploring the lake's edge and surrounding wilderness, spectacular surrounds - with vast expanses of water, forested islands, distant snowy peaks and a peaceful quiet, it's easy to see why this is such a beautiful place.

And then there is the Gordon Dam wall - an engineering marvel that now offers thrill seekers the highest abseiling experience in the world.

If you enjoy fishing, this is one of the very best trout fishing spots in Tasmania. If fishing isn't your think, you can go canoeing or kayaking instead.

For more information you can visit the official website at


Montezuma Falls

Distance from Hobart: 315 kms / 195 miles. Driving: 4 hours 5 minutes.

A visit to Tasmania's highest waterfall, Montezuma Falls, standing at 104 metres high, is well worth the effort.

To get there from the car park you have to walk 4kms, so allow a minimum of 3 hours for the entire experience. Don't let the walk put you off, as with most walks in Tasmania you get to experience some amazing natural wonders, fauna and fauna.

And you get to walk over the rickety swinging bridge (totally safe!) which presents you amazing views of the valley and tree ferns below.

For more information you can visit the official website at


Kayak Bathurst Harbour

Located in the heart of the Port Davey Marine Reserve, you will find Bathurst Harbour. This area is so remote that you will have to fly, sail or hike several days to get there.

But once there you will be well rewarded as you are treated to some of the most beautiful coast line views you can imagine as you embark upon a 7 day kayaking and camping adventure that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

But be warned, such an adventure does not come cheap. This is not for your typical backpacker on a tight budget. But if you have some cash to splash, it's worth the expense.

For more information you can visit the official website at Or for more general information about Port Davey Marine Reserve visit

Other worthy mentions

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  3. Visit "The Neck" of Bruny Island:
  4. The Totem Pole
  5. Tazmania (miniature village and hedge mazes):
  6. A town called Penguin:
  7. West Coast Wilderness Railway:
  8. Pumphouse Point Hotel:
  9. Barnbougle Lost Farm Golf Course:
  10. See the Southern Aurora Australis:
  11. The township of Richmond (and Australia's oldest bridge):
  12. Make sure you see a Tassie Devil up close: In one of the many wildlife parks across the island.
  13. Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trails:
  14. Cataract Gorge at the Centre of the City of Launceston
  15. Hollybank Treetop Adventures:
  16. Drive the winding West Coat road to Queenstown
  17. Fly over Horseshoe Bend on the Gordon River, or take the stunning river cruise:

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