Famous Australian landmarks and tourist sights

Are you looking for the best famous landmarks to see in Australia? Or maybe you are you searching for some famous tourist sights in Australia? Then keep reading to discover a list of the best landmarks and sites Australia has to offer!

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Because Australia is such a big country, there are numerous landmarks and sights to see. Some are famous around the world, others a often only known by the locals.

Whatever type of landmarks or sites you would like to see, be it the famous, the natural, the tourist related, or something else, Australia has something to please everyone.

So keep reading to discover my amazing list of the very best landmarks and tourist sights that Australia has to offer!

This list is more about interesting landmarks and tourist sites in Australia, not a list of what I consider to be best places to visit.

A good example of the difference between the two topics is Sydney and the Sydney Opera House. The opera house belongs on this list as it is a landmark, but the city of Sydney, in its entirety, belongs on the places to visit page. If you are looking for places to visit, have a look at the links in the next paragraph!

Other pages that may interest you include Best places to visit in Australia and Top 10 secret destinations in Australia, they have some great places that I highly recommend you put on your Australian bucket list.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this list of Australian landmarks and tourist sights!

1 . The Sydney Opera House

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The Sydney Opera House

Location: Sydney, New South Wales

The Sydney Opera House is without a doubt one of the most iconic landmarks in all of Australia, with it and Uluru / Ayers Rock being the two best known landmarks in Australia.

It makes an imposing and gorgeous view. It is best enjoyed at sunset, but is almost as impressive any time of day. If you are in Sydney you simply must go and see it!

If you are interested in finding out more information about the Opera House, or Sydney in general, be sure to have a look at www.sydney.com.

2 . Heart Reef

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Heart Reef, located on the Great Barrier Reef.
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Location: Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

Located near Airlie Beach and the Whitsunday Islands, Heart Reef is a gorgeous sight on a clear sunny day.

Unfortunately, it is best viewed from the air (either in a plane or helicopter) if you want to see it in profile. If you get the chance for a fly over any part of the Great Barrier Reef I highly recommend it, it is a beautiful sight to behold.

If you are interested in learning some more about the reef, have a look at the Great Barrier Reef facts page for some more information and cool facts. Also, don't forget to have a look at the official government website, www.gbrmpa.gov.au.

3 . Cape Byron Lighthouse

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The Byron Bay lighthouse.

Location: Byron Bay, New South Wales

If you visit Byron Bay you simply must make it up the light house, which marks to most easterly point of mainland Australia.

On a summers evening you will get to experience an amazing sunset, and if you are there at dawn you get a perfect view of the sun rising over the ocean - both are stunning.

It is a beautiful, yet casual, walk from the main beaches (with only a few steep hills towards the end), so there really is no excuse not to go up and have a look around.

If you want some more information about Bryon Bay have a look at this great website, www.byronnaturally.com.au.

4 . The Whitsunday Islands

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A pier overlooking the Whitsunday Islands
Original image supplied from www.flickr.com/photos/pammie76/9200642538/

Location: Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

The Whitsunday Islands are one of the most popular tourist destinations of the Great Barrier Reef. With a number of islands boasting luxury resort, diving, boat tours and much more, it is easy to see why.

There really is so much to see and do that I cannot recommend it highly enough. If diving isn't your thing why not try a lazy 3 day yacht tour around the island and reefs!

For more information about the Whitsunday Island and the Great Barrier Reef have a look at www.greatbarrierreef.org.

5 . Sydney Harbour Bridge

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The Sydney Harbour bridge.

Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Another very iconic landmark in Australia is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Almost every commercial advertising Sydney or Australia features it. Grab a coffee or wine from one of the nearby cafes and enjoy the view of the bridge, the opera house and the harbour.

For the more adventurous explorers I recommend taking the "Bridge Walk", where you get to climb/walk all the to the top of the bridge and get a birds eye view of Darling Harbour - not a sight to be missed!

If you are interested in finding out more information about the Harbour Bridge, or Sydney in general, be sure to have a look at www.sydney.com.

6 . The Three Sisters

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The Three Sisters rock formation, located in the Blue Mountains, NSW.

Location: The Blue Mountains, New South Wales

Named after an aboriginal legend, the Three Sisters are an awe inspiring sight. There are various versions of the legend, but one of the most popular is that a shaman/witch doctor turned the three gorgeous sisters into rock to protect them from three men of another tribe who were trying to steal them.

During the battle between the two tribes the shaman was killed, and because only he could reverse the spell, here they remain to this day.

If you get a chance to make it to the Blue Mountains (not far from Sydney) I recommend it, there are some amazing hikes and walking tours with amazing scenery and animals all around!

For more information have a look at the official NSW website, www.visitnsw.com/blue-mountains.

7 . Wave Rock

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Wave Rock, located Hyden (Western Australia)
Original image supplied from

Location: Hyden, Western Australia

The Wave on Hyden Rock is one of Australia's most famous landforms, although unfortunately many tourist (and Australians, for that matter) never see it, due to its remote location in the middle of Western Australia.

It is a giant surf wave of multicoloured granite about looks like it is about to crash onto the bush below.

Stand under it and feel rock power from over 2,700 million years ago, which is from before when dinosaurs roamed the earth!

More details about this amazing natural beauty can be found at www.waverock.com.au.

8 . Karlu Karlu / The Devils Marbles

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The Devils Marbles, located in outback Australia, in the Northern Territory.
Original image supplied from

Location: Outback Australia, Northern Territory

Located in one of the oldest religious sites in the world (being of great cultural and spiritual significance to the traditional Aboriginal owners of the land), the Devils Marbles are truly impressive!

Considering it is located in remote outback Australia, many tourists and Australians make the journey out there. The reserve park had around 137,500 visitors in 2012.

It is accessible all year round, there are networks of pathways, information boards, a basic camping area, and live events as part of the Territory Parks Alive program (between May and September each year) - it is easy to see why it is such a popular landmark!

To find out more details, road conditions, PDF brochures and more have a look at www.parksandwildlife.nt.gov.au/devilsmarbles.

9 . Kata Tjuta / The Olgas

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The Olgas, located in outback Australia, in the Northern Territory.

Location: Near Uluru / Ayers Rock Northern Territory

Mount Olga (also known as Kata Tjuta or The Olgas) is located about 25 kms from Uluru / Ayers Rock. It is a mass of 36 domed rock formations covering an area of approximately 22 km&2sup; with the highest point some 546 metres about the surrounding plains.

There are numerous walks though the Olgas, and the crowds are often less than you'll find at Uluru. I recommend seeing Uluru at dawn and then making your way to Kata Tjuta!

To discover more details about Kata Tjuta, or Uluru, visit the official government website www.parksaustralia.gov.au/uluru.

10 . The Twelve Apostles

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The Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road.

Location: Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Located on the Great Ocean Road (well, next to it in the ocean) are the stunning Twelve Apostles (although there was only ever nine to begin with and there are only 8 left now since one collapsed in 2005).

These limestone giants tower out of the water up to 45 meters high. If you do the Great Ocean Road tour (which I recommend you do!) make sure you check the Twelve Apostles out!

For more details about the Great Ocean Road or the Twelve Apostles make sure you look at the official government website www.visitvictoria.com/great-ocean-road.

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