Work and travel Australia

Is it your dream to travel around Australia? But do you want to spend more than three months here? Come and discover how you can work and travel around Australia!

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If you've ever dreamed of travelling Australia, and you want to do more than just a short holiday, this is the page for you! You CAN spend a year, or longer, travelling all of Australia and seeing and experiencing its many wonders. In fact, it is easy!

There are 1,000's of back packers in Australia, right now, living the dream. They arrived with not much money, yet they travelling around and having the time of their life. So can you!

What others thought about working and travelling Australia

Lisa, from Germany.

For the last few years I have wanted to come to Australia, and finally made the decision to do it. I knew I wanted to stay for longer than 3 months, but I wasn't too sure exactly how long I wanted to be away from home. The obvious choice for me was the working holiday in Australia visa.


I applied for it, and got it. It was very easy, I did it all over the internet. Finally the day came for me to fly to Australia, as I got on the plane I was thinking...

"What am I doing? I'm about to fly to the other side of the world, I have no real plans and no idea how long I will stay for. I don't know a single person there". At the time my English was not very good. I could speak it, but it wasn't comfortable for me.

I arrived in Melbourne, and within 2 days I knew I would stay for the whole year. It was like waking up in a dream. The people were much friendlier than back home. By this, I mean strangers. I got lost so many times in the first few days, but everyone I asked for help was so friendly.

I did end up staying for the whole year, and I also did 4 months fruit picking work, which means I got an extended visa. I am back in Germany, but I can go back to Australia any time for another whole year on my extended visa. As soon as I finish my university studies I am going back. I cannot say enough to people that they have to go, it is like a whole different world there, you won't regret it!

Ben, from London.

I did it, went to Australia for a year, loved every second of it. I mean, I knew a few Australians back in London, and always liked them generally. So when one of them suggested I head over and check it out I thought "why not". I was just working a crappy job here, and had nothing to hold me back, so I just did it.

Man, I can't tell you how much fun I had there. And the weather, that was so amazing. It got pretty cold down in Melbourne, but we just headed up north into Queensland. I virtually spent a whole year in the sun!

I met some great people on my travels, I even travelled with 2 English lads I met for 3 months. Had some crazy parties, and did some amazing things while in Australia. My only regret is not doing the fruit picking work and getting an extended visa.

For anyone who is thinking about doing it, I can't recommend it highly enough. I had an absolute blast. So much so that I'm seriously thinking about moving over. Do it, that's all I can say!

Melanie, from France

Yes, I'm really enjoying my time here. I've been here for 5 months already, it is sad how fast the time is going. I've been so busy travelling around, and I stopped and did 2 months banana picking near Cairns in Queensland.

I'm going up to Darwin next week, and am really excited. I want to see a crocodile, on a boat tour. A back packer I met said she did a boat tour last year and was amazing, that the crocodiles can get right up next to the boat and the man had some meat on a stick and they jumped out of the water to get it.

In Darwin I will meet a friend and we will drive together to Perth, over 4,000 kms away. It is going to be amazing. We haven't planned how long it will take, but I think we will take 2 - 3 weeks making this drive, stopping at lots of places, Broome of course!

To anyone who is thinking about it, you must come here to Australia, I love it here. It is beautiful, and so much to see and do. The people are very nice, but there are so many back packers here, sometimes it is hard to meet Australian people. But you must come!

Note: The above extracts have been edited to fix some of the worse grammatical errors and to make them short enough to fit on here. However, I have done my best to ensure that the still accurately represent the views, opinions, and responses of the people interviewed.

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There are some important things you need to do before you can start your adventure...

1. Your visa

The first thing you have to do is get the right visa. And it is easy, you can even apply for it online.

For more information visit my The Working Holiday in Australia Visa page.

2. Travel Insurance

You must have travel insurance when coming to Australia. In fact, medical insurance is part of the visa requirements. Without it, no visa!

Hint: Never buy insurance from your travel agent. They add a fee on top of the normal price (that is how they make their money). You should always buy it online, direct from the supplier!

Luckily for you I have a page dedicated to helping you find the right insurance. Have a look at my Travel Insurance Tips & Tricks page for all you need to know.

3. What to bring

It can be a bit hard to know what to bring when you come to Australia. Luckily for you, I have created a check-list to help you with this problem.

Have a look at my Coming to Australia check-list for more information.

4. Money money money...

Australia is an expensive place to visit. You will need to bring a LOT of money, or be prepared to work while you are here (but hey, that's why they call it a Working Holiday visa)!

For those of you from Europe, Australian prices are comparable to Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Finland.

A 600ml cola from a convenience store can cost around $4. Six beers between $15 - $20. Cigarettes are very expensive (a packet of 30 cigarettes costs in excess of $20 and a 50 gram packet of tobacco costs around $40).

Certain fruits and vegetables can be expensive depending on the season. It is always a good idea to try to find a local market rather than reply on the supermarkets.

Rent can also be a shock. Expect to pay $150 a week as the absolute minimum for anything bigger than a shoe box. If you want to live direct in the centre of Melbourne or Sydney you can double that price. One night in a dorm room in a hostel is creeping up towards $30.

That said, some things are cheaper than in Europe. Petrol, meat and public transport outside of the capital cities are just a couple of examples.

Another is eating out in certain types of restaurants - you can find great Asian, Middle Eastern and Indian food (just as some examples) that a relatively cheap, and with a bit of luck you can get a great meal for under $15.

5. Finding work

Due to the cost of living, as outlined in the point above, most people who come to Australia for a year need to do some kind of work to supplement the money they bring over.

Finding work can be daunting for some people. However, I have put together a large number of pages dedicated to helping you find work.

6. What will you see and do?

It can be a little hard to know what to see and do in Australia due to its large size.

However, I have prepared a number of pages to help you discover what is available to see and do in Australia.

Explore them and see what you are interested in. From there, you can then start to plan your adventure!

7. What NOT to do (in Australia)

A lot of people get to Australia, but spend most of their time in one or two capital cities. Please don't do that!

Australia is such a huge country, get out and explore it. You may only be in Australia one time in your whole life, make sure you get to experience as much of it as you can.

For example, if you need money go and work on a fruit farm in the middle of the country, don't work in a cafe in central Sydney.

If you have the time don't fly to your next destination. Drive or catch a bus and make sure you stop at all the little attractions along the way.

Be creative and you can get a lot out of your time in Australia.

8. Need more information?

If you have any more questions about your work and travel Australia adventure, just ask on one of my many Message Boards & Forums, I will answer you there!

9. Have fun!

Don't be afraid to ask people for help, don't be afraid to push your limits and don't be afraid to try new things. Just have fun!

I wish you luck on your adventure and hope you have the time of your life!!!

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