Travel Insurance for Australia

Want to visit Australia and need some travel insurance? But don't know what to consider and how to not get ripped off? Take the hassle out of the process, and save hours of your time today!

Get a free quote online today!

When looking to buy travel insurance for Australia there are many other things to consider apart from the cost.

Things, such as the ones listed below, should play a larger part in your decision than the initial cost. Paying a little extra is well worth the peace of mind that you have quality insurance from a quality company.

Things you must consider include:

  1. Can you work with this travel insurance (some insurance become void if you work)?
  2. What is the excess fee if you need to make a claim?
  3. Can you have the excess fee waived by paying a little more on your premium?
  4. What is the quality of the customer service like? Is it open 24hrs?
  5. How long does the company take to pay you once a claim has been approved?
  6. Does it cover the costs of a medical evacuation (i.e. from a mountain by helicopter)?
  7. Does it cover the cost of doctor appointments and medications?
  8. Does it cover you if you hurt yourself or damage your camera, etc, whilst doing extreme/adventure sports? (And this can include trivial activities such as horse riding and indoor rock climbing.)

There is a lot more to travel insurance than just the initial cost. It can be a lot of work finding the perfect travel insurance for Australia; in fact some people spend hours, even days, on it. You have to carefully consider what activities you will be doing, and what is the right level of travel insurance for you.

Stop... never buy Travel Insurance for Australia from a travel agent... ever!!!

It is a well known industry secret that the vast majority of them charge a hefty commission fee on top of the normal price; it is how they make a profit and I cannot blame them for that!

As such, you should always buy your travel insurance online direct from the company. And it is always a good idea to research several options before selecting the travel insurance that is best for you and your trip.

But as you will discover below, I have taken all the pain out of this process for you - I have already discovered the best of the best!

WorldNomads - one of the very biggest and the best in the game. Do a quick search now and you can thank me later Smilely face

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