How to find work in Victoria

Are you looking for work in Victoria? Have no idea what the labour market is like? Then come & discover all you need to know right now!

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Note: If you looking for work in the capital city Melbourne, and not regional Victoria, please visit the Find work in Melbourne page.

Big cliffs in the Grampians National Park, Victoria
The Grampians National Park, Victoria.

If you are not an Australian citizen you must have a visa that allows you to work. If you are a wannabe backpacker, for more details go to the work and travel Australia page. However, if you are a student or are looking for a sponsored / professional worker visa, Check out the Australian Visas page.

You're best chance to find work is in one of the larger regional cities like Ballarat, Bendigo, or Geelong. These urban areas all have some level of major industry which makes finding work easier. They also have many more hospitality and tourism jobs.

Farms, fruit picking, and agriculture

Small regional towns generally have little to no major industry, thus are unlikely to have any work. The exception to this is farming, fruit picking, and agriculture work. Many areas of the state are dedicated to farming of some description.

Often these locations are remote, and they have trouble filling their vacancies. There are generally many vacancies all year round just waiting to be filled (see below for links).


There is a limited amount of mining work throughout the state, most of it located in or around the Ballarat, Stawell, and Gippsland areas. If you are specifically looking for this type of work, Western Australia, the Northern Territory, and Queensland have many more mines and would be a better choice. These jobs pay very good money, but are hard to find, especially if you are unskilled. You best chances to finding mine work is the have a look at some recruitment agencies and job boards (see below).

Ski Resorts

Victorian alpine areas (Lake Mountain, Mt Hotham, etc) get busy over the winter/snow season. Many back packers, especially Canadians, like to work in the resorts over winter. The jobs vary from cleaning rooms, ski/snow board instructors, cooks, bar work, child care, to just about any other job you can imagine. Again, your best chance to find these jobs are via recruitment agencies and job board links below.

Links and Resources!

Here I have a selection of links to other parts of this site that should help you in your job search.
Good luck, I hope you find a job in Victoria soon!

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