The Sponsored Work Visa for Australia

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Okay, this visa is a tricky one. A real tricky one. There are lots of different things going on... do you want to apply for a temporary visa (valid for up to 4 year)? Or do you want a permanent visa which allows you to study and other options as well? Do you want to work in a city, or apply for the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme and work in regional Australia (this visa gives you extra benefits and exclusions)?

All in all, the broad umbrella of "Sponsored Work Visa for Australia" is beyond the scope of this website - there are just too many variables and things to consider. My sincere advice is, if this is the visa you are interested in, to go to the official Australian Government Visa website. Although it is, as most government websites are, a little confusing you will find all the information and application forms, booklets, and checklists you'll need for this visa.

But don't forget that if you have any questions I have a section of my forum dedicated just to Sponsored Work visas. Click on Australian Sponsored Work Visa Forum for more details.

I apologise for not being able to supply more details about this visa - I hope to get the time in the near future to update this page with some more details.

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