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Author: Jimmy888Posted: 02/07/2014 (01:54 AM)

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Hi im going to be traveling to Australia at the beginning of February 2015 i will only be in Australia for a week and am going to be going over to New Zealand for 3 weeks i am hoping to return to Australia for a short while after.

Ive heard that you might not be able to return to Australia until a curtain amount of time has past is that correct?

I do have a visa sorted for visiting in February.......

Thanks Jim


Author: Team DownundrPosted: 07/07/2014 (03:23 AM)

Hi Jim

Welcome to the forum.

That won't be a problem for you. What you have heard about "not coming back until a certain amount of time has passed" in true in some sense, but you have also been a little mis-informed.

At customs, when coming into Australia they have the right to refuse you entry if you haven't been out of the country for very long.

Example, you were in Australia for 3 months on a tourist visa, then left for one day to Bali (or a week), and wanted to come straight back on another tourist visa.

This is to stop people from basically staying in Australia for as long as they want on tourist visas. If you were here just for one week and then left for a day and wanted to come back that wouldn't be a problem. Leaving for 3 weeks to NZ and then coming back again certainly wont be a problem if you had been in Australia for just one week, but if you had been in Australia for 3 months then the MAY refuse you re-entry.

Hope that makes sense.

Team Downundr

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