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Author: BestvuePosted: 27/08/2013 (01:47 AM)

Long stay Visa

My wife and I plan on visiting Australia for about 6 months. My wife is Filippina and I am British. Can anybody advise on how to get visit visa's longer than 3 months.


Author: Team DownundrPosted: 02/09/2013 (07:55 AM)

Hi Bestvue,

Depending on your age you may be able to apply for the WHV (Working Holiday Visa) which is valid for 1 year, with the option to extend it for another year if you do 3 months eligible work. For more details visit:
Working Holiday in Australia visas and Extended Working Holiday in Australia visas.

If that does not help you you can also have a look at our visa overview page for other visa options such as the professional worker visa, sponsored work visa, etc, by clicking here.

Good luck, I hope that that helps you somewhat.

Team Downundr.

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