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Author: rfHaugenPosted: 11/01/2018 (12:31 PM)

How to tell that I have received the visa??

Hi, I applied on line for my visa (the one where you can stay up to 3 months and not work. I got an email that I could print but it doesn't say "granted" so how do I know if I have received it?? I am panicking that I would be able to be let into Australia. What forms do I need to go to Australia? how do I know that my passport is correct. PLEASE ADVISE ASAP!


Author: rmiranda90Posted: 01/03/2018 (12:53 PM)

Where did you apply for your visa?

If you apply in Australian government website try to read this information notification or here I applied for my visa on a third party site this one and they notified as soon my visa was granted. Hope it will be helpful to you. Goodluck.

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