Travel jobs - how to get paid to travel

Learn the very best ways to find a travel job, discover the secrets of how to get paid to travel and explore what exactly is involved in travel work.

Discover what other websites will not tell you - there are some amazing pros AND serious cons to getting paid to travel. Do not be caught unaware, learn how you can make money while travelling!

Travel jobs - get paid to travel
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There is a huge interest in travel jobs at the moment. Why else would you be here right? With the advent of travel blogs, cheap international flights, the Internet and tourist destinations desperate to cash in on the money that tourists bring, the industry is booming.

The travel industry in experiencing an explosion both in terms of the number of jobs available and interest from people looking to either fill these positions or who want to travel and work at the same time.

Which raises a very good point. There are two main types of people who want work in this area, but what they are actually searching for is very different:

People looking to work within the travel industry itself:

They are looking to work within the travel industry and are typically looking for a career and all the things that come along with be professionally employed. This can include things like a regular steady wage, stability, paid time off work (holiday leave), career advancement possibilities and more.

The allure of working in the travel industry is that people get all these benefits plus a chance to travel the world while doing it.

People who want to travel and supplement their income as they go:

They are looking to work or ways to supplement their money while travelling, typically so they can travel for longer. This frees them from the restrictions of a professional career and gives them the flexibility of travelling where they want when they want.

This can be broken down into two main groups; people who want to travel indefinitely and those who are backpacking around a country for a year and want to do some work while there.

What next?

Both have their own pros and cons, and you should carefully consider them before rushing off to make a life changing decision. I have covered this further down the page, be sure to check it out.

In the meantime, here are the pages that you will be interested in. They go into a lot more detail about each option and list heaps of jobs available whatever you are looking for.

  • How to Live a Life of Travel E-Guide - I fully recommend you check this amazing book out. It has 220 pages of tips and tricks to help make your life of travel a reality! Travel for less, travel long-term (even if you are in debt), find you the cheapest airfares possible and so much more.
  • Travel Careers - Travel the world and get paid to do it. Discover the very best jobs and careers that let you travel the world.
  • Work while travelling - Make money while on the road and never have to worry about how you will keep funding your amazing odyssey.
  • Backpacker jobs - Discover what types of jobs there are out there for backpackers to do and they travel a country for an extended period.

Pros and cons of a career in travel

Working within the travel industry in a position where you are constantly travelling has a number of advantages and disadvantages.

As touched upon above, one of the main reasons people are interested in this type of work is that it provides stability combined with the chance to travel the world. And this is great. You will typically get a full time wage, access to paid time off work (holidays/leave), sick leave, pension/retirement payments (if your country of employment has such a scheme) and all the other benefits that full time employment provides.

You also get the possibility of career advancement, typically moving into positions of higher responsibility, moving into a team leader position and then into management.

Not only that, you will be travelling around the world for free. Wherever you stop over, the company you are working for typically pays for accommodation and food.

It sounds great, but there are a few potential negatives that you should consider before rushing off to start your career in the travel industry.

Travelling jobs can be lonely work. Sure, you will (hopefully) make friends with your work colleagues as you travel around, some travel industries have a high staff turnover or they are constantly going off to different destinations, so even if you make some great work friends, they could be gone the next week.

Do not forget that you rarely get to spend time with your family and regular friends back home. Expect to miss birthdays, weddings, and other important social events including popular holidays like Christmas and New Years.

Accommodation options while working can be cramped. I have worked on pearling boats in Australia, and it was 8 men to a cabin - if you enjoy your privacy this may not suit you.

And the food can be very average. While working on tropical island resorts it was mass-produced buffet style - if you do not like what is served you either put up with it or go hungry. But I have also had some great food while working and travelling, so it can go both ways.

The shifts can be long. Some flights from Australia to Europe have 15-hour legs, that is a long time to be working, even if you have a break in the middle. I have worked cleaning resort rooms with a split shift, from 8am - 2pm and then again from 5pm - 9pm. So basically the whole day was gone. However, from 2pm - 5pm was free time, which we spent playing beach volleyball, swimming, snorkelling, and a range of other activities. Working on the pearl boats were 12-hour shifts.

And one last thing, you may be travelling around the world, but do not expect a lot of time off to explore each destination. You may land at one destination and be off again within a number of hours. At the most, you will likely only get a one-night stopover - travel companies are not going to be paying for your accommodation and food so that you can take a week off exploring each new destination!

As you can see there are some really positive advantages of this type of work, but depending on your own personal goals, aspirations and personality, the negatives might make this work unsuitable for you. But if it sounds good and you want to know what type of jobs there are, simply have a look at Travel Careers - travel the world and get paid to do it.

Pros and cons of a working while travelling

The pros are pretty impressive. Picture travelling where you want, when you want. And when money gets a little tight just stopping off somewhere for a short while to make enough cash to keep your travels going.

Basically it is this freedom that most appeals to people. If they find a place they really like they will stay for as long as they want, getting to know the locals and really exploring all that the place has to offer. You typically do not get this luxury when working in the travel industry or when taking a short holiday - this is the exclusive realm of the long-term traveller.

People who work while travelling generally get to explore more places in greater detail. They have a luxury of talking to the locals and learning of destinations that are off the tourist trail that most people have never heard of, let alone had the chance to visit.

Expect to do things that you have never even dreamed of. When I set off around Australia little did I expect to work on pearling boat in one of the remotest part of Australia or living it up while working on a tropical island (just to name a couple of the amazing things I did). Not only that, I met some amazing people from all around the world, which you typically do not do when you go on a regular holiday.

However, there are some common pitfalls and potential disadvantages that come along with this lifestyle.

Often you will be travelling on a shoestring budget. It is one thing to save up all year for a luxury holiday, it is the complete opposite to be constantly travelling and trying to support yourself at the same time. Do not expect to be staying in a plush hotel every night (or certainly not while you are starting out - however, it is possible to earn a lot of money and travel in style).

You have to be super good at budgeting, saving, planning, researching and more. You do not want to be in a foreign country with no money and no roof over your head - this can be downright dangerous in many parts of the world.

Depending on how you organise your travels you may also miss a lot of social events back home. Although, this is not always a negative - not being around for the birthday of a parent or sibling may seem like a small sacrifice if you happen to be sipping a cocktail on a tropical beach, or adventuring your way through the Amazon or whatever it is you happen to be doing at the time.

Then there is your professional career (or lack thereof) while travelling. Depending on your future plans, having a huge block of time missing in your resume due to travelling can be a career killer.

And it can be really hard work, and you may end up doing things you do not like if you find yourself really strapped for cash. Once I had to work in a restaurant washing dishes 12 hours a day during the busy Christmas period just to pay the next weeks rent in a hostel - it was really hard work and pay was not very good.

If you think the life of a traveller is what you are after, all I can say is go for it. Life is short and you have to grab opportunities when they come. To learn how you can travel indefinitely check out my page Work while travelling - make money while on the road, you won't regret it!


Whichever choice you are leaning towards, I wish you luck. It is an amazing adventure and I am sure you will have a fantastic time. Remember, if I can do it, so can you! So have a look at the Travel Careers and Work while travelling pages, they have more information about what options are available to you.

Hint: regardless of what you are looking for, I fully recommend you check this book out. It has 220 pages of tips and tricks to help make your life of travel a reality! Stuff like how to travel for less money than you spend at home, how to travel long-term even if you are in debt, specific tactics and tricks that will land you the cheapest airfares possible and so much more. How to Live a Life of Travel E-Guide.

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